Ganzheitlicher Ansatz für Führungssysteme mit C4ISTAR der ESG.


Tailored complete systems

We develop flexible, interoperable command and control systems for multi-domain operations on the basis of many years of experience and military understanding. As a general contractor, we offer a perfect complete system including the requisite software and advice on hardware components.

Whether dealing with command, control and weapon deployment systems, systems for aviation management, reconnaissance equipment or special requests, we will work with you and provide you with competent advice to develop a fully comprehensive concept. We draw on our extensive experience in the field of software systems and the military background of many of our employees (e.g. artillery, infantry, telecommunications or fighter pilots).

  • Added value through a holistic approach – you tell us what you need, we take care of the rest
  • Decades of experience in the development, integration and support of command and control systems for various applications
  • COTS/MOTS products adapted to your needs
  • No subsequent, cost-intensive adaptations necessary
  • Manufacturer-independent – optimal combination of hardware and software for your individual applications


With our expertise

  • One point of contact – reduction in the coordination of different procurements within a project
  • Proven reliability in a large number of military projects for national and international customers
  • Internal software development team that always has a close eye on future-oriented technologies and integrates acquired knowledge into further development (e.g. artificial intelligence, augmented reality)
  • High understanding of user and customer needs
  • We implement your requirements and needs when adapting our systems
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