Die ESG ist der verlässliche Partner der Bundeswehr für taktischen Feuerunterstützung (Joint Fire Support, JFS). 


Networking and interoperability for multi-domain operations

ESG is the Bundeswehr's reliable partner for the development, integration and provision of capabilities across the entire spectrum Joint Fire Support spectrum. With the ADLER command, control and weapon deployment system, developed and continuously supported by ESG, the German artillery has been a pioneer and driver of the end-to-end digitisation of the Bundeswehr for decades.

“Joint Fire Support is the coordinated and integrated employment of all weapon platforms delivering fires (includes land, air, naval delivered indirect fires) to achieve the required effects on ground targets to support land operations in the full spectrum of conflict. It encompasses the integration of indirect fires and effects in order to influence the adversary forces, installations or functions.”

NATO Standard AArtyP-5 – Fire Support Doctrine Edition B, Version 1 (Nov 2015) 

Today, ESG software and hardware solutions are used throughout the entire JFS process: from reconnaissance systems (JFST, JTAC) to command and control facilities (JFSCT, JFSCG) and connected effectors. In addition, we offer modern training and simulation systems for current and future users.


Thanks to our many years of close support for the user, the know-how we have gained as a company and the prior experience of many of our employees, we have also been able to consistently demonstrate our competence in other Joint Fire Support projects.
JFS-Projekte der ESG.
ESG's JFS projects
  • 1995 Rollout of ADLER I
  • 2004 Integration of FENNEK artillery observer
  • 2006 Rollout of ADLER II
  • 2010 Integration of Joint Fire Support Team (JFST) FENNEK
  • 2013 Integration of TpZ FUCHS JFSCT
  • 2014 JFS multi-link gateway
  • 2018 Joint Fire Support Team Trainer (JFSTT)
  • 2020 Rollout of ADLER III
  • 2021 Joint Fire Support Coordination Group

ESG has also already been commissioned for the development and delivery of JFST dismounted EAGLE (DACAS - Digitally Aided Close Air Support) as well as for the integration of ADLER III into JFST Heavy BOXER.

Logo ASCA.

Since the early 1980s, ESG has ensured interoperability in the multinational Joint Fire Support environment. This began with the development of the predecessor of ASCA (Artillery System Cooperation Activities). This formed the cornerstone of today's ASCA community and we are proud to be the representative of German users throughout.


Das TARANIS ADLER User Forum ist für jede interessierte Nation zugänglich.
Bringing together the JFS community
Due to the above-average functionalities of the ADLER software, as well as its internationally proven interoperability, other user states have chosen to also implement the system.

The annual TARANIS ADLER User Forum supports the various user nations in networking with each other, keeps them up-to-date on future developments and gives interested nations the opportunity to see for themselves how we work, our products and the wide range of services we offer.

The TARANIS ADLER User Forum is open to any interested nation. Please register here for the next event taking place.

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