Aviation Organisation & Engineering Excellence
Customer-specific solutions for complex tasks
As an approved aviation organisation for design, production, maintenance and support of military and civil aircraft / aviation equipment, excellent systems engineering across the entire lifecycle is the key to the sustainable success of our customer-specific solutions.


in the military and civilian sector

Guaranteed operational readiness by controlled continuing airworthiness

As an aviation organisation for aircraft / aircraft equipment of the German Armed Forces ESG also holds operating accreditations in accordance with EASA / LBA Part 21J, EASA Part 21G and EASA Part 145. ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH carries out system, software and hardware design and development, also of safety-critical systems, and manufactures them in accordance with aviation law requirements in an approved production organisation. In addition, we ensure continued airworthiness in the approved maintenance operation according to EASA Part 145. For the public sector as well as security authorities and organisations, we undertake the complete system support of aircraft / systems. By dovetailing this role with engineering excellence and applying state-of-the-art technologies, development processes, procedures, methods and tools, we fulfil the high safety and quality requirements placed on our solutions.

Your innovative solutions through our qualifications:

  • Military operating accreditation for design, production and maintenance from the Federal Aviation Office
  • Civil operating accreditation according to EASA / DE Part 21J, EASA Part 21G and EASA Part 145
  • Customised and tailor-made aviation systems in accordance with aviation law requirements
  • Continuing airworthiness management
  • Flight operations and training
  • Systems Engineering Center of Excellence

The success of your solutions is largely determined by excellent management and the successful implementation of projects. To ensure this, we have brought together systems engineering experts in a Center of Excellence, which ensures the efficient and effective implementation of our complex projects across the company.

Our tasks, your benefits:

  • Best practice application of international and national guidelines and engineering standards
  • Develop / maintain systems engineering processes across the company, with the involvement of experts from the relevant domains
  • Company-wide training courses on systems engineering methods and tools
  • Close cooperation with well-known colleges and universities
  • Know – how and technology transfer within the ESG group

Engineering Excellence

Project excellence is the fundament of our solutions

Aviation organisation for aircraft / aircraft equipment of the German Armed Forces

In accordance with the national aviation law of the Federal Republic of Germany

Aviation organisations for aircraft / aircraft equipment of the German Armed Forces are accredited by the Aviation Office of the German Armed Forces.

Ready for all phases:

  • Design organisation for aircraft / aircraft equipment of the German Armed Forces
  • Production organisation for aircraft / aircraft equipment of the German Armed Forces
  • Maintenance organisation for aircraft / aircraft equipment of the German Armed Forces

ESG designs civil aviation products, parts or equipment, and defines changes to type certificates or repair procedures and hold an EASA accreditation in accordance with Part 21J for this purpose. In addition to this, ESG is also accredited by its National Aviation Authority as a national design organisation.

Our competencies:

  • Major and minor changes to aeroplanes and helicopters
  • Complementary type approvals on aeroplanes and helicopters
  • Minor repairs to aeroplanes and helicopters
  • Design and Development and integration of avionic systems, electrical systems, mission / deployment systems
  • Design, development and integration of customized equipment


Design organisation (Part 21J)

Civil airworthiness according to European law

Production organisation (Part 21G)

Aviation-compliant components, devices and systems

ESG produces components and equipment for aircraft. For this purpose, ESG is accredited by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency in accordance with EASA Part 21G.

Our competencies:

  • Production of components, devices and systems
  • Production according to the approved design data of the development company
  • Ensuring airworthiness and conformity with the approved design data
  • Issue of the EASA Form 1 release certificate

ESG maintains aircraft components and equipment by overhauling, repairing, inspecting and modifying them. For this purpose, the ESG has been accredited by its National Aviation Authority in accordance with EASA Part 145.

Our competencies:

  • Maintenance (overhaul, repair, inspection and modification) of devices and systems
  1. Modification and Maintenance in accordance with approved maintenance documentation of the design organisation
  2. Issue of the release certificate EASA Form 1 / Release to Service

Maintenance organisation (Part 145)

Established competence in maintaining airworthiness

Flight operation

Comprehensive support for aircraft

ESG also operates aviation platforms such as experimental aircraft.

Our competencies:

  • Testing innovative developments and systems in manned and unmanned aircraft (research and technology)
  • Civil and military training in tactical and special equipment
  • Upholding military licences

Certificates of approval

  • Certificate:  Aviation organisation for aircraft and aircraft equipment of the German Armed Forces
  • EASA Part 21J - Design organisation
    EASA.21J.239 certificate
  • LBA Part 21J - National design organisation
    LBA.21J.0039 certificate
  • EASA Part 21 G – Production organisation
    DE.21G.0029 certificate
  • EASA Part 145 – Maintenance organisation
    DE.145.0032 certificate
All certificates
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