Die ESG konzentriert sich auf die bedarfsgerechte Realisierung von zuverlässigen und benutzerfreundlichen Trainingslösungen.

Training solutions

Effective training for greater safety and efficiency in deployment

We concentrate on the requirements-oriented realisation of reliable and user-friendly training solutions. We supply tailored solutions for training emergency and rescue services as well as pilots and technicians of national and international armed forces, fully independent of manufacturers.

The prerequisite for professional action is a sound education and continuous training. We strengthen the required confidence of emergency and rescue forces as well as pilots and technicians with innovative, simulation-based training solutions. 

Measurable training success

  • Objectification of individual and group results
  • Individualised performance-based training
  • Realistic preparation for deployment in a protected environment 
  • Increased resilience through targeted use of stressors
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