Mit innovativen Lösungen unterstützt die ESG die Ausbildung von Einsatz- und Rettungskräften.


for emergency services and rescue services

With innovative solutions, we support the training of emergency services and rescue services. The combination of individual skill training and realistic practice in the team creates the prerequisite for professional action.


Focus on realistic training

Emergency services are continuously called upon in service operations – in the context of military and police missions or during major incidents. The prerequisite for professional action is a sound education and continuous training. Simulation environments open up a new dimension of possibilities for the reliability of actions necessary for personnel in the field. 

Characteristics of field personnel in extreme situations:

  • Lack of clarity of the situation combined with extreme influences
  • Acting under time pressure, making existential decisions
  • Perceived (initial) inner chaos
  • High personal stress
  • Threat to the lives of others and to one's own
Realitätsnahes Training im Fokus im Bereich Sanität.
Mittels Simulation trainieren Einsatzkräfte in virtuellen oder virtuell-reellen Umgebungen.
New possibilities through simulation
Adequate teaching of coping skills often comes up against the problem of available resources and the question of the extent to which extreme situations can be presented realistically at a justifiable cost. By means of simulation, field personnel train in virtual or mixed virtual-real environments and experience each typical operational scenario realistically and interactively.

Results of action training for field personnel:

  • Increased confidence in action
  • Achievement of training objectives using stressors, such as e.g. no light, low light
  • Objectification of results (individual and group)
  • Individualised follow-up is possible
  • Best possible preparation for the mission in a protected environment

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