Der ESG-Leistungsanteil an Open-Skies umfasst das gesamte Spektrum der Systementwicklung und Systemintegration.


A tailor-made system for digital image data acquisition

The mission system for digital image data acquisition was developed to regain German eligibility for the Open Skies contract in accordance with the requirements of the OSCC. ESG‘s contribution covers the entire spectrum of system development, from requirements engineering through design, hardware and software development to system integration and testing. Since the beginning of 2023, also the complete in-service support of the mission system.


The Open Skies mission system includes three optical aerial cameras and an infrared camera for different height bands, which are installed on gyrostabilised platforms in the fuselage of the aircraft. The sensors are controlled via the operator workstations installed in the mission area (cabin) of the aircraft. In addition to operating the camera systems, other workstations allow planning, execution and evaluation of Open Skies-compliant missions and control of the cameras. The user is supported by the display of flight attitude parameters and an automatic display of the status of the cameras. This reduces the crew’s workload and they can focus on executing the mission. The system has a modular structure and can therefore be supplemented by additional cameras or software packages.

Functionality for the user:

  1. Four independent camera systems on gyrostabilised platforms
  2. Integrated mission management system
  3. Camera control by software possible via several operator workstations in the aircraft cabin
  4. Approval via EASA STC and delivery of components with EASA Form 1
Das Open-Skies-Missionssystem umfasst drei optische Luftbildkameras und eine Infrarotkamera für verschiedene Höhenbänder.


The "Mobile Data Transformation System" (MDTS), which can be installed on the go, uses innovative technologies to map a complete image processing chain. Images obtained during flight are processed from a raw image file into the final Open Skies image product at over 1 GB per second. With the number of used target data media, the user controls the number of identical datasets (a maximum of 4 are possible). By showing the process chains, the necessary transparency can be ensured and thanks to high-performance programming, downtimes when abroad are kept as short, and therefore as cost-saving, as possible.

Functionality for the user:

  1. Modular system for data processing
  2. Can be installed in the air
  3. Installation of the operating systems and applications on the data media of the mission system
  4. Management of image data obtained from the OH camera system and processing into OSDDEF image format
  5. Duplication of OSDDEF image data on data media
  6. Verification of data media contents with hash value calculation


Das mobil verlegbare „Mobile Data Transformation System“ (MDTS) schafft es durch den Einsatz innovativer Technologien, eine komplette Bildbearbeitungskette abzubilden.

Support and Services

  1. Stand-alone system with minimal interfaces to the aircraft
  2. Maximum transparency for Open Skies missions
  3. EASA STC and delivery with EASA Form 1
  4. Additional services: information security concept, hazard assessment, training, rig construction and material supply
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