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Solutions for land-based operations

Digitisation and resilience are important drivers for an expanded capability spectrum of the land forces. With independent technological expertise and innovative spirit, we offer sophisticated solutions today for the land-based operations of tomorrow.

ESG offers capability-oriented solutions and services for land- and ground-based systems, particularly in the areas of combat, reconnaissance, protection and logistics. We develop, integrate and support, for example, mobile command post systems as well as customised command and control systems, and integrate hardware and software into mission-robust complete solutions. 

In addition to tactical drones, we offer mission-proven modular solutions for secure drone detection and defence. In addition, we provide technical logistics services for a large number of weapons and special systems and assume responsibility for their design, further development and overall system support.


Networking and interoperability



D-LBO is the Bundeswehr's modernisation programme for renewing command and communication capabilities. This includes the networking of the lowest tactical mobile level up to deployable command posts at unit level. The necessary IT equipment and the nationally and internationally usable communication infrastructure are also part of this.

ESG has been a reliable partner to the Bundeswehr for digitisation for over 30 years. As early as the beginning of the 1990s, continuous digitisation was introduced in the artillery with the ADLER command and weapon deployment system. More than 25 years ago, ESG supplied the first comprehensively digitised mobile command posts – since then, these have been further developed and supported to meet new requirements. ESG is, of course, also an important partner in the D-LBO programme.


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