Das einsatzerprobte modulare Drohnenabwehrsystem der ESG und ihrer Partner, bietet maßgeschneiderte Lösungen zur zuverlässigen Erkennung und effektiven Abwehr von Drohnen.


Modular multi-sensor multi-effector system for the detection of and defence against drones

The mission-proven drone defence system developed by ESG and its partners offers tailored solutions for the reliable detection and effective defence against drones for military, government and critical infrastructure customers.


Modular, field-tested, reliable

The increasing availability of small, unmanned aerial systems (sUAS up to 25 kg) increases the threat posed by these systems both domestically and abroad. The drones, which are accessible to everyone and easy to operate, are used for missions abroad, for example, but also over sensitive domestic areas.

We offer: 

  • Modular system for the detection and classification of small drones
    • Designed for operation by a single operator
    • Developed for use in harsh environments
  • Target verification in limited-visibility conditions thanks to various sensors
  • Consolidation of all sensor data and display on the ELYSION operational situation display 
  • Effective countering of the threat using effectors 
Mit einem modularen Multi-Sensor Mix werden sowohl Drohnen in der Luft als auch ihre Piloten am Boden frühzeitig aufgespürt.
The large variety and high performance of commercially available and modified drone types in size, speed and control mode requires a modular multi-sensor mix. This means that both drones in the air and their pilots on the ground are reliably detected, located and tracked - and at an early stage.

Functionalities of the detection system:

  • Fully automated 24/7 detection & classification
  • Early warning capability and high reliability in alerting and identification
  • Multi-sensor portfolio (radio frequency, radar, optics, acoustics and other options)
Das intuitive Lagebild ermöglicht es aktuelle Bedrohungslagen zu verstehen.
In critical situations and under time pressure, it is crucial that operation heads and their teams can act quickly and effectively. An intuitive situational overview that shows all relevant information at a glance enables current threat situations to be understood, informed decisions to be made and resources to be optimally deployed.

Functionalities for the user:

  • Intuitive map-based situational overview for real-time communication with all instances
  • Decision support through powerful ELYSION core intelligence (sensor data fusion and assistance functions)
  • Interoperable C3I system ELYSION


Reduces the complexity of drone threats

Die Counter-UAS-Softwarelösung reduziert die Komplexität von Bedrohung durch Drohnen.

ELYSION Operations - intuitive situational overview and dashboard

  • Modern and intuitive graphical user interface with state-of-the-art design elements
  • Map-based situational overview for real-time visualisation of threats and own devices

ELYSION Core Intelligence - device integration, fusion and assistance functions

  • Enhanced algorithms for sophisticated processing and fusion of heterogeneous sensor data
  • Threat analysis and assistance functions - automatic prioritisation of high-risk targets in multi-drone threat scenarios
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Aufgrund des Lagebild können Einsatzkräften effektive Maßnahmen ergreifen, um Bedrohungen durch unautorisierte Drohnen zu neutralisieren.
Based on the situational picture, field personnel can take effective measures to neutralise threats from unauthorised drones and ensure the safety of properties and protected objects. Either the mission of the enemy drone is electromagnetically suppressed or the drone is physically engaged.

Functionalities for the user:

  • Portfolio of effective countermeasures against all drone threats with minimal collateral impact on uninvolved third parties (smart & GPS jammers, HPEM, net launchers)
  • Fully automated chain of action or "man-in-the-loop"
  • Reliable protection and safe application within the present legal conditions of use and in compliance with the proportionality of means

Support and services

  • Hardware-neutral evaluation, consulting and project-specific selection of suitable sensor and effector technology for the respective requirements of a mission scenario
  • Fully integrated and scalable equipping in customised deployment platforms - options:
    • Portable box
    • Ultra-deployable
    • Vehicle-integrated
    • Mobile container-based
    • Stationary in existing infrastructure
  • Comprehensive training offers for all user concepts available worldwide
  • After-sales support and overall system responsibility for future-proof further development from a single source and throughout the entire product lifecycle
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