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Experience Meets Innovation

Benefit from our expertise

One result of the ever-advancing digitalisation and interlinking of all spheres of life is that, increasingly, current and future conflicts also occur in cyber and information space.  We proactively support our military customers, security authorities and critical infrastructure companies to overcome the growing challenges due to hybrid threats.

We advise the Bundeswehr, security authorities and critical infrastructure companies in all matters regarding security in cyberspace and information space concerning intelligence, effects, operation and protection. We conduct studies, develop and integrate systems and ensure technical-logistical support throughout the lifecycle.

We help our customers to secure their systems, applying our profound expertise and proven experience from numerous cybersecurity projects. Our tailored training and education programmes help to develop and cultivate cybersecurity skills and expertise.

Your added value:

  1. We look for and find the best solution in each situation to optimally meet your requirements.
  2. We understand the complex processes of authorities and industry.
  3. We secure the success of your project with comprehensive experience and specialist knowledge in cyber and information space.

Industry-Specific  Solutions for Military and Defence Technology

Customers with the highest standards trust ESG as a manufacturer independent systems integrator and long-time national technology and  innovation partner for defence and public security. Together with us, you can advance safe digitalisation and networking in all  dimensions: with innovation, passion and powerful implementation.

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