Die ESG und IAI entwickeln die Technologie des OPAL-Netzwerks weiter.


Network Enabled Operations Support

Connecting platforms in use offers the greatest capabilities boost besides new developments. ESG and IAI have therefore entered a technology partnership to enhance the technology of the Israeli OPAL network, which has been successfully in use for years, for the German armed forces.

Jedes Waffensystem kann von den Fähigkeiten anderer Systeme profitieren.
It is intended that NEOS can path the way to connect the legacy platforms, so that a Next Generation Weapon System (NGWS) can be introduced into a connected environment and that the concept of System of Systems can be realized across technology generations.

Each weapon system can benefit from the capabilities of other systems

Adavantages of NEOS:

  • Ad-hoc network
  • Real-time 
  • Masterless
  • Self-healing
  • Open architecture

NEOS decouples the hardware from the capabilities of a weapon system

This means:

  • Mission-specific applications give real-time information superiority
  • Shorter innovation cycles (months instead of years)
  • Dramatically reduced upgrade costs
  • Information sharing for all participants in the network
  • Compensates for low availability of platforms
In Israel, the OPAL network has been in use for many years in a wide range of combat fighters, AEW aircraft, tankers, trainers, UAVs, as well as in corvettes and C2 centres. Now other, future platforms can also benefit from the 5th generation sensors. Combat proven!
In Israel wird das OPAL-Netz bereits seit vielen Jahren in einer Vielzahl von Kampflugzeugen, AEW-, Tank- und Trainingsflugzeugen, UAVs sowie in Korvetten und C2-Zentren eingesetzt.
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