Weltweit einsetzbare, verlegefähige und mobile Führungseinrichtungen.

Command post systems

Command and control facilities for digitised, land-based operations

Modern armed forces need deployable and mobile command facilities that can be used worldwide. In a networked information and operations space, they form the basis for superiority in command and control and effects. In addition to reliable telecommunication links, information exchange using disruption-free media across all command levels is indispensable. Multi-domain operations in particular determine the character of current and future operations. ESG's command post systems are scalable for any mission and ensure networking and cross-domain working in all operational scenarios.

We are a full-service provider and partner of the Bundeswehr. We provide our customers with independent and targeted advice on the technical possibilities of modern command posts and are responsible for the implementation, integration and logistic support. Our drive in complex projects is to realise a solution with which the soldiers can fulfil their mission in the best possible way during operations and exercises.

Development and realisation of mission-critical IT

With our expertise, we offer solutions for container-based as well as platform-integrated command posts. We are therefore able to provide all the necessary variants for all application options. By using the latest technology, we can significantly reduce the size of the command posts without reducing the necessary command and control capability in relation to the complexity of modern battles.

Our solutions enable modern information management and ensure the dissemination of information, to both national and international forces. Throughout the process, we take into account the necessary IT security of the whole system in order to enable a future-proof and secure solution for the entire lifecycle.

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