Bei der ESG haben wir unterschiedliche Einstiegsmöglichkeiten für Berufserfahrene, ehemalige Soldaten, Absolventen, Studenten und Schülern.

Entry opportunities

The path to ESG

We are characterised by varied project work and our teams are just as diverse. Our work is interdisciplinary and each individual makes a valuable contribution with their personal skills. We offer you the opportunity to help shape the world of tomorrow and at the same time realise your own personal career goals.

We are looking for employees for all qualifications and levels for our company headquarters in Fürstenfeldbruck and our locations throughout Germany.
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The application process at ESG

We offer a variety of interesting positions and you are sure to find your dream job here.
In our application process, we attach great importance to the fact that it is both personal and respectful.

Ablauf des Bewerbungsprozesses bei der ESG.

Tips for your application

What should the application include?
  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Final certificates
  • Job references
  • Certificates of other qualifications
Does an unsolicited application make sense if I can't currently find a suitable position on the careers page?

Many of our job advertisements contain very specific requirements that many interested parties are unable to fulfil in full. This is not always necessary. If our service portfolio and your training give you the impression that you have something to offer that could be of interest to us, we would be delighted to receive your application.

One position is advertised as a working student job, but I am looking for an internship. Can I still apply?

Yes. For some topics, it doesn't matter whether they are handled by working students or interns. A few topics are timetabled in such a way that they are only suitable for a self-contained internship phase. In principle, you can apply for all student topics.

What is the minimum time required for an internship at ESG?

There is no time limit - we comply with the requirements of your study regulations.

I am interested in writing my thesis at ESG (Bachelor's or Master's thesis). What is the best way to proceed?
  • Are you at the end of your degree programme and would like to write your thesis in a company in order to gain practical experience? Are you starting to think about the area in which you would like to deepen your knowledge in your thesis? Are you still missing a competent partner who can offer you a suitable topic and support you on your way to a successful thesis?
  • You can find current topics on our job exchange. If you have another topic in mind that could fit into our range of services, then don't hesitate: talk to your professor and then contact us as part of an unsolicited application.
Does ESG offer work placements for school pupils?

In principle, yes. Many schools offer a work placement, which you can do at ESG. If you are interested in IT, electronics, marketing or business applications, for example, then we look forward to receiving your application.