Ein hohes Maß an Schutz bei größtmöglicher Mobilität sichert die Einsatzbereitschaft von Gefechtsständen.


Protection, mobility and maximum networking

As high-value targets, command and control facilities are exposed to constant threats. ESG takes this into account by integrating command post workstations and other functionalities into modern armoured and highly mobile platforms. The highest level of protection with the greatest possible mobility and continuous networking ensures the ability to command both stationary and on the move thus forming the basis for sustainable and successful operations.

(Highly) mobile command and control platforms

The equipment with mobile command and control platforms is an essential component of the modernisation of Western armed forces. ESG supports this modernisation by integrating all necessary IT and communication components into existing and newly procured (armoured) platforms. We offer our customers close cooperation with the respective original equipment manufacturers, comprehensive and application-oriented technical-logistic documentation and practical industry training as part of the introduction of new systems.

Geschützte bewegliche Führungsplattformen mit umfassenden Funktionalitäten an jedem Arbeitsplatz.
Mobile command & control platforms
  • Command and control platforms with comprehensive functionalities at every workstation
  • Integration of space-saving server components and network accesses
  • Incorporation of far-reaching command and control tools
Fähigkeiten-Plattformen als Vorbereitung für breite „tailored to the mission“ Führungsmittel-Auswahl.
Capability platforms
  • Tailoring solutions to specific applications and IT systems
  • Integration of specific command, control and weapon deployment systems
  • Preparation for broad "tailored to the mission" command and control equipment selection 


Your advantages

  • We have proven expertise in the integration of IT and communication components in armoured, protected and unprotected military vehicles, including the Fuchs armoured transport vehicle
  • We realise your requirements and accompany you throughout the entire lifecycle until the end of use
  • Many of our employees have a military or governmental background – so we understand your needs and know the special requirements for the operational systems
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