Cloud-native Softwarearchitekturen der ESG setzen in den Bereichen Skalierbarkeit, Robustheit und Wirtschaftlichkeit neue Maßstäbe.

data solutions platform

Private cloud powered by ESG

Cloud-native software architectures are setting new standards of scalability, robustness and cost-effectiveness. The Data Solutions Platform is a development and operating application for cloud-native on-premises applications. It therefore enables you to - confidently and securely - shape your digital transformation without having to use public cloud providers.

Customer challenges and benefits of the DSP

Facilitate data sharing: Digital transformation requires that applications collaborate and share data. Cloud-native applications enable you or third parties to add data exchange to existing applications retroactively and economically. The Data Solutions Platform removes the barriers to deploying cloud-native architectures.

Enable scalability: Data volumes continue to grow. With templates and the necessary infrastructure, the Data Solutions Platform facilitates scalability from a few servers to hundreds.

Accelerate development: Developers are valuable. Their productivity is crucial for the profitability of any software project. The Data Solutions Platform development environment automates repetitive tasks and boosts developer productivity with templates and examples.

Grphic about customer challenges and benefits of the DSP.
Graphic about working without the Data Solutions Platform.

Without the Data Solutions Platform

Monoliths prevent networking and scalability

  • An isolated application is created for each requirement. These cannot communicate with each other and therefore cannot solve networked problems.
  • Applications have components for the same functions (databases, web servers, etc.) but do not share them. Costs for development and operation of the similar components are incurred x-fold.
  • If the computing power required is more than that of one server, complexity and expense explode.
Grafik über Arbeiten mit der Data Solutions Platform.

With the Data Solutions Platform

Connectivity and scaling in all directions

  • The Data Solutions Platform standardises: Open interfaces for seamless data exchange and architectures and technologies for easy sharing of components
  • The Data Solutions Platform provides cross-app functions as ready-made building blocks
    Development and operation are simplified dramatically
  • Container platform, standardised architecture and suitable development tools ensure far-reaching scalability of computationally intensive solutions


  • Self-managed: In the customer's computer centre
  • ESG-managed: In ESG's computer centre
PoC deployment to bypass hardware delivery times
  • ESG-managed on Amazon Web Services
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