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Open Source Intelligence

When collecting, evaluating, and analysing data and preparing decisions, the efficient and structured analysis of large quantities of data, whether in the official or civil spheres, has taken on unprecedented importance in the data age.

Die ESG steht Ihnen mit einem breiten Leistungsportfolio und starkem Partnernetzwerk von Anfang an aktiv zur Seite.

Open Source Intelligence

In this context, OSINT denotes the systematic gathering and evaluation of publicly available information. This can be drawn from such sources as social media portals, public registers and databases, and websites, as well as the deep and dark web. The benefits of OSINT therefore lie in the rapid, cost-effective generation of a sound basis of knowledge that can be used in targeted decision making. Today, OSINT plays an essential role in a variety of scenarios, from investigative support to monitoring and from situational evaluation to strategic analysis.

In exploiting this potential in an increasingly digitalised and networked world, we support our customers in the military, police and intelligence services, as well as other authorities with security tasks and KRITIS companies.


Aligned with your needs, websites and social networks are generated that enable real-time simulations on the basis of your desired scenarios within the protected training environment of the PREVENCY platform. Internal communication channels for supplementary queries or evaluations of lessons learned, individually prepared with your content,  complement the interactive training.

Real-time Simulation for Analysts

Our service portfolio includes the following:

Customers with the highest standards trust ESG as a manufacturer-independent system integrator and long-time national technology and innovation partner for defence and public security. Together with us, you can tap into the potential available from the targeted evaluation of publicly accessible sources and benefit from our expertise when it comes to protecting your own data in an increasing threat landscape. Together with us, you can advance safe digitalisation and networking in all dimensions: with innovation, passion and powerful implementation

Right from the start, ESG supports you with a wideranging service portfolio and a powerful partner network, tailored to your individual requirements and use case:

  • Consultancy
  • Implementation of technical solutions
  • Training
Quarterly paper series introducing the world of open sources

The four-part series of papers on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) provides a quarterly insight into the profound world of this intelligence gathering discipline. The papers are designed to shed light on different facets of OSINT in order to provide readers with an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. Each paper will therefore focus on a different key area.

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