ELYSION ist die Antwort der ESG, um die Komplexität der Bedrohung durch unbemannte Systeme zu reduzieren.


Intelligent data processing and intuitive situation display

ELYSION is ESG’s response to reduce the complexity of the UAS threat – providing a highly specialized software solution with performant sensor data fusion and an intuitive operational picture with integrated video feed.


In the heat of an unauthorized drone intrusion or targeted attack, operators have to ensure swift action to protect their assets – forcing them to take weighted decisions in split seconds - based on actionable intelligence derived from an intuitive operational picture.

Enhanced algorithms of the core intelligence hereby enable ever-increasing levels of automation and a combat proven mission system back bone provides interoperability of multiple systems in complex large-scale operations or central oversight of widely dispersed camps in theatre.

ELYSION is availaible as ELYSION Defence and ELYSION Civilian.
ELYSION ist als ELYSION Defence und ELYSION Civilian erhältlich.
Icon ELYSION Operations.
ELYSION Operation

Intuitive operational picture and dashboard

  • Modern and highly intuitive graphical user interface featuring state-of-the-art design elements
  • Map-based operational picture for real-time target and device visualization
  • Health status of devices and subsystems
  • Sensor and effector control
  • Synchronisation of situation data between multiple ELYSION operations in one system
  • Available for PC and tablet
  • Integration of video stream
Icon ELYSION Core Intelligence.
ELYSION Core Intelligence

Device integration, data fusion and assistance functions

  • Enhanced algorithms for sophisticated processing and data fusion of heterogenous sensor data
  • Threat analysis and assistance functions – automatic prioritization of high-risk targets in multi-threat scenarios
  • Open interface architecture that allows easy integration of new devices (ranging from different radars, cameras, RF sensors, AI image recognition, accoustic sensors, recon drones, ADS-B receivers, RF jammers, GNSS jammers, high power electro magnetic effectors, hunter drones and netlaunchers)
  • Automatic and continuous alignment of devices to a drone
  • Suggestion of countermeasures and effector activation via ELYSION (SIL 0)
  • Mission replay for mission analysis and training
  • Connection of several systems to share their situation data
Mit dem ELYSION-Bedienfeld kann der Bediener die Effektoren steuern.
With the ELYSION command panel the operator can control the effectors.
With the ELYSION video panel the operator can view the video stream from a camera and make adjustments.
Mit dem ELYSION Video-Panel kann der Bediener den Videostrom einer Kamera sehen und Einstellungen vornehmen.
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