Die ESG als beständiger und verlässlicher Partner der Bundeswehr verfügt über umfangreiche Erfahrungen bei der Entwicklung und der Realisierung von Gefechtsstandsystemen.


Command and control facilities for digitised operations in all operational scenarios

Command posts form the central command centres of modern armed forces. As a constant and reliable partner of the Bundeswehr, ESG has extensive experience in the development and implementation of command post systems as well as data centres and other IT/communication solutions. 


Container-based and vehicle-based

In a digitised operational environment defined by multi-domain operations, command posts and command centres depend on state-of-the-art, high-performance and robust IT and communication systems.

Thanks to field-tested concepts and technical solutions, ESG's command and control facilities – both  container-based and vehicle-based – are scalable for all areas of application. So you always get the right solution for your particular requirements. 

Die einsatzerprobten Konzepte und technischen Lösungen der ESG sind für alle Anwendungsgebiete skalierbar.


Flexible – modular – scalable

ESG's modular command post solutions offer a high degree of flexibility and scalability. They make it possible to react quickly to different operational scenarios. By using containers, the systems can be transported comparatively easily and the IT infrastructure can be adapted and equipped as needed.

Scalability enables the systems to be adapated to different application scenarios and needs. This makes it easier to support smaller units with fewer resources and personnel, while in larger operations several mobile command posts can be combined to provide a comprehensive command post infrastructure.

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The digital evolution of the battlefield

Our solutions – always one step ahead

More than 25 years ago, ESG supplied the first digitised mobile command posts to the German artillery. Over the past 15 years, we have realised different variants of container-based, deployable command posts for the German Air Force. To meet the demand for highly mobile command posts – both container-based and vehicle-based - ESG applies modern technologies.

In den letzten 15 Jahren realisierte die ESG für die Luftwaffe unterschiedliche Varianten von containerbasierten, verlegefähigen Gefechtsständen.

Our solutions are proven in daily use by armed forces

For international crisis management - the joint multinational commitment in the world's crisis regions - we supply our customers with modern command centres, such as the COUNTER-DAESH MISSION command post for air force units.

In the context of continuous deployment tasks, such as NATO Air Policing in the Baltic States, ESG's mission support facilities ensure the operation of mission aircraft for several months.

We support the core mission of the German armed forces and other allies - the collective defence of the NATO alliance area - with our solutions for mobile command posts and deployable mission networks.   


Throughout the entire lifecycle

With decades of experience in the realisation of complex projects in the defence and public security sector, ESG offers comprehensive services in all phases of the product lifecycle.

We are by your side from design through realisation and integration to the in-service phase and beyond. We ensure the technical-logistic documentation throughout and combine all subsystems into a high-performance complete system. 

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