Der Themenbereich Command and Control beinhaltet neben Führungssystemen, Kommunikation und Interoperabilität, auch moderne Gefechtsstände.


A decisive step forward with situational awareness

Command and control is essential for the successful fulfilment of armed forces' missions. With its broad technology and system expertise, ESG is a reliable partner for the successful realisation of highly complex command and control projects - from command and communication systems to complete command posts.


Through tailored software

Verbessertes Lagebewusstsein durch maßgeschneiderte Software der ESG.

The command and control process step combines reconnaissance on the one hand with effects on the other. In order to ensure level- and situation-appropriate command, it is necessary to determine the situation without delay and to always have an up-to-date situational picture (situational awareness). Only then can the commander at a command post draw the right conclusions for the current situation and further battle planning. For this, all information must be filtered accordingly and presented clearly.

ESG's software solutions can significantly accelerate this process and at the same time reduce (human) sources of error. Blue force tracking, for example, can be used to reliably display the position of friendly forces and thus significantly reduce the probability of friendly fire. Enemy messages can be reported digitally throughout and thus minimise or exclude errors, such as incorrect coordinates in voice radio.


For optimal capabilities

Gefechtsstandsysteme der ESG und mobilen IT-Systeme unterstützen die Führung eines Gefechtsstandes mit aktuellen und relevanten Informationen.

In high-intensity conflicts, the mobility of land forces must be significantly increased. In addition to reducing deployment times and efforts, modern command and control approaches, such as video telephony, must also be taken into account. Today, a command post must not only be capable of commanding national forces, but the inclusion of international allied forces must also be ensured. This leads to challenges, especially in communication and interoperability. 

Our command post systems and mobile IT systems support the command and control of a command post with up-to-date and relevant information, which leads to improved situational awareness and ensures information supply and communication. We integrate modern and future-proof solutions without neglecting customer requirements. We offer solutions ranging from command and control software to IT equipment and holistic command and control infrastructure, whether in deployable containers or in combat vehicles.

OUR EXPERTISE - Your advantages

Today, a multitude of different systems have to work hand in hand. These include deployable/mobile command posts, various software solutions, different IT equipment and means of communication through to international interoperability. All these issues must be taken into account early on in the design/planning stage. This requires a considerable amount of experience and technical understanding, with the constant consideration of military requirements, specifications and standards.

  • In addition to technical know-how, we also have the necessary fundamental military understanding 
  • We provide you with advice, show you possible solutions and point out risks
  • Together with our customers, we develop complete systems that meet all requirements, are fully usable under military conditions and have a high level of customer acceptance
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