Effiziente und effektive Luft- und Raketenabwehr der ESG.


Efficient and effective against attacks

NATO's Integrated Air and Missile Defence serves to defend the country and the Alliance against air and missile attacks. As a manufacturer-independent system company, we ensure the operational capability of your systems. We integrate subsystems, network complete systems and ensure more combat power with reduced personnel deployment through automation.

Your powerful partner in air defence

For many decades, ESG has been a reliable partner of the Bundeswehr for the introduction and support of ground-based air defence systems. We provide technical logistic support for all systems previously used by the Bundeswehr, including PATRIOT, GEPARD, MANTIS, ROLAND, Light Air Defence System [LeFlaSys] OZELOT, Stinger and the LÜR Air Surveillance Radar.
Mit langjähriger Expertise ist die ESG erfahrener Partner bei der Einführung neuer Systeme in die Bundeswehr.
Ballistic Missile Defence
With many years of expertise, ESG is an experienced partner in the introduction of new systems into the Bundeswehr. As a manufacturer-independent system company, we support the Bundeswehr throughout the entire lifecycle, from introduction, approval, in-service and operation to phasing out.

Without our own product interests, we maintain close partnerships with system manufacturers and the supplier industry. Our operational understanding and broad in-house portfolio enable us to fill existing gaps with innovative and flexible solutions in a timely manner. In this way, we make a significant contribution to reducing the risk of complex procurement projects.


Die Vielzahl an Bedrohungen aus der Luft erfordert eine effektive und effiziente Abwehr über alle Abfangschichten hinweg. Die ESG erreicht dies durch konsequente Vernetzung aller Systeme.

Ground-Based Air Defence

The multitude of threats from the air requires effective and efficient defence across all interception layers. We achieve this by consistently networking all systems. Thanks to a high degree of automation, we reduce the necessary personnel deployment and allow the soldiers to fully concentrate on mission fulfilment.

To improve the survivability of systems on the battlefield, we rely on mobility and resilient data links. Always keeping the effectiveness of the overall system in mind, we develop and integrate command posts and operation centres for deployable and mobile operations.

Um die Überlebensfähigkeit der Systeme auf dem Gefechtsfeld zu verbessern, setzt die ESG auf Mobilität und resiliente Datenverbindungen.
Air Defence Command & Control
We develop software and hardware solutions for networking. Modern techniques such as launch-on-remote, engage-on-remote and missile handover significantly increase the effectiveness of ground-based air defence and make it possible to combat new threats such as hypersonic weapons. The prerequisite for this are real-time-capable and resilient data connections.

We deliver high-performance solutions that enable optimal response times even with low bandwidth. With the help of the interface converter, new and old systems can be integrated quickly and flexibly into the overall network. Our command, control and weapon deployment system solutions offer a high level of automation and enable the operator to continuously optimise the deployment of limited combat units.

Our expertise

Your advantages

  • Close and trusting partnership with the customer
  • High level of operational understanding due to the military background of many of our employees
  • Experience and broad system-of-systems expertise – you tell us what you need, we take care of the rest
  • Innovative and flexible solutions with a broad in-house portfolio
  • Assumption of overall system responsibility
  • Manufacturer-independent - we always choose the best solution for your problem


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