PHOENIX AMS - Ein System für alle Aviation-Management-Prozesse.


One system for all your aviation management requirements

Limited availability of material or infrastructure, combined with complex regulations and requirements regarding aircrews‘ qualifications, make it difficult to manage personnel and equipment for flight operations and training. PHOENIX AMS is an aviation management software for scheduling, monitoring, logging and reporting military flight activity and training at main and deployment operating bases.

and operational capability of flying personnel

Phoenix AMS supports highly complex military flight operations in the effective and efficient use of high-value resources and the recording, storage and analysis of the associated data. The software helps with the structured implementation of training, routine and deployed flight operations at home and abroad; tracking and checking the validity of licences, ratings, qualifications and many other characteristics of the aircraft crews that have to be taken into account in daily flight service.

PHOENIX AMS is currently used e.g. in the training and operational units of the German Air Force, Army and Navy and to monitor the licences for JTACs.

PHOENIX AMS - Ein System für alle Aviation-Management-Prozesse.
Features von PHOENIX AMS.


  • Management of resources
    Aircraft models, simulators, organisational units, airfields and barracks, airspaces
  • Regulations
    Qualifications, Tactical Combat Training Programme (TCTP), grading, flight profiles, syllabi, management of pilot licences and currencies
  • Management of aircrews
    Licences, currencies, credentials and qualifications, combat readiness status, courses, planning and status of flight training



  • One central software solution to carry out operations of a military flying wing/OPS Group
  • Single point of information: Avoidance of redundant data (flight safety, conflicting data)
  • Centralised administration of basic data and regulations to ensure standardised operations
  • Flexibility: Administrators can easily integrate new resources (e.g. aircraft, units, airfields), regulations, aircrews
  • Expandable: the software can be customised for other user groups or tasks
PHOENIX AMS - Ein System für alle Aviation-Management-Prozesse.
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