Die ESG bietet mit seinen Partnern anforderungsspezifische Spitzentechnologie bei Unbemannten Systemen.


Scalable solutions for unmanned systems

UAS are the economical alternative to manned flight systems to extend the user's sensor range while protecting them from harm. As a national support centre for public customers, we integrate unmanned systems into existing customer systems and manage the procurement, approval and in-service phases.


Access to the best technologies

Modulare boden- und luftgeschützte Systeme zur Echtzeitaufklärung.

From reconnaissance missions, disasters and large-scale situations to field camp and convoy protection, selected systems support decision makers on the ground or in the air and contribute to a rapid and valid decision-making process with their highly effective 3D situational picture display. Together with our partners, we offer requirement-specific cutting-edge technology for unmanned systems.

  • Modular ground and airborne systems for real-time reconnaissance
  • AI-based software: real-time processing and interconnectivity of all sensor data from participating manned and unmanned flying systems and ground forces by ESG core intelligence for visualisation of the intuitive 3D situational overview
  • Various safety systems for flying unmanned platforms for safe operation even outside the visual range and in conjunction with manned helicopters
  • Networking of systems for military, governmental and civilian tasks at home and abroad
  • Modular, scalable mission management systems for the deployment of UAS from the ground and from the air (MUM-T)
  • ESG as prime contractor, integrator and operator
Modulare, skalierbare Mission-Management-Systeme für den Einsatz von UAS vom Boden und aus der Luft (MUM-T).
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