Die Carrier-Pods der ESG ermöglichen individuelle Fähigkeitserweiterungen für jede Mission.

Carrier pods

Individual capability enhancement for each mission

The possibility of equipping UAS with individual payloads offers capability enhancements for the fleet and the mission. All payload options increase relay signals beyond the line-of-sight. Different payload sensors provide additional mission advantages. Through the combined use of two UAS, it is possible to combine various payload capabilities and use them without restrictions. 


FM/ELO - Aufklärungspod
Sonar Carrier Pods
  • Deployment of up to six G/F-size sonar buoys or two A-size sonar buoys 
  • Compatible with navy SBPS
  • Up to 2 hours flight time possible with max. payload
FM/ELO - Reconnaissance Pod
  • Integration of different sensors possible  
    • COMINT
    • ELINT
    • (C-) and (R-) ESM
  • Compatible with EloUM systems
  • Up to 3 hours flight time possible 
FM/ELO - Aufklärungspod.
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