Die Simulierte Taktische Verwundetenversorgung-XR steigert die Performanz von Trainingsteilnehmern und realisiert das Stresslevel einer taktisch relevanten Situation.


Simulated Tactical Combat Casualty Care-XR

ESG has designed a method of combining the virtual world with real training. Simulated Tactical Casualty Care-XR enhances the performance of training participants and brings the stress level of a tactically relevant situation to life.


in the virtual world

The training of medics should cover the full sequence of operational activities in emergency situations through realistic exercises. However, the options currently on the market are limited to practice in the virtual world or use in a real environment. With Simulated Tactical Casualty Care-XR, ESG combines the virtual world with real training. The simulation brings the stress level of a tactically relevant situation to life and increases the performance of the training participant as well as the entire group. 

Using a completely new technological approach, medical training resources are to be deployed and integrated into an effect network with environmental conditions. A realistic immersion is therefore created in the initially artificial environment of a simulator. As a result, the soldiers experience a significantly more realistic exercise and can still interact haptically in the simulation.

Die Ausbildung von Sanitätern soll durch realitätsnahe Übungen eine vollständige Handlungsabfolge in Notsituationen abdecken.
Die zu trainierende Person taucht über die XR-Brille in die virtuelle Umgebung ein.
through versatile training in a virtual environment including haptic feedback

The trainee is immersed in the virtual environment via the XR goggles:

  • The training participant treats a virtually injured comrade who is represented by a real person
  • The trainer can intervene in the scenario, for example by adjusting the weather, the time of day or the treatment
  • Interactions are possible in the virtual environment with the injured person as with real equipment


at a glance

  • Individual or team training
  • Real haptic feedback with no controller
  • Creation of environments in a virtual scenario specifically designed for the customer’s requirements
  • Implementation of holistic training concepts
  • Creation of universally applicable operational activities
  • The concept can be adapted to all healthcare training programmes
Die ESG hat sich das Ziel gesetzt, die virtuelle Welt mit dem realen Training zu verbinden, und bietet viele Möglichkeiten..

1. Observation

The co-viewing facility during group training provides an optimal basis for social cognitive learning. With the screen, the training participants can follow the trainee as they perform their training. The experience gained here can be used in the trainee's own session . This in turn results in an immediate improvement in the performance of the whole group.

2. Control

The training is supervised and evaluated by the instructor. The instructor can use the control unit to adapt the existing scenario and to raise the difficulty level through increasing requirements.

3. Implementation

Participants themselves can conduct their own exercise with real equipment under realistic conditions in accordance with the motto "Train as you fight", also as group training. The separate recording function can be used to analyse the training with the trainee, and a debriefing can then take place on how to implement more effective procedures.

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