Taranis Public Security - Command & Control System


Command & control system for emergency and rescue forces at all levels

Get a quick and intuitive overview of your available forces and their deployment during your operations. Our tailor-made solutions offer you rapid information distribution and secure, realtime communication – covering all levels from individual officers right up to control centres.


For use in stationary command units and relocatable control rooms at higher decision-making levels.

Benefits and functionality for users:

  • Make the right decisions quickly thanks to significantly improved situational awareness, combined with efficient communication between all relevant forces
  • Extensive map processing
  • Simple and inexpensive integration of portal components (software) by using a web portal
  • Secure information exchange thanks to state-of-the-art IT security concepts
  • Use the web portal to access various services (chat, document management, reporting, etc.)
  • Full interoperability with TARANIS® Mobile, TARANIS® Smart and command & control systems from third-party providers
  • Full flexibility in setting up and activating workstations
Taranis Centre - Command & Control System


TARANIS Mobile is our flexible command & control system for networking emergency and rescue forces, public authorities and organisations. Due to its variable configuration options, it is suitable for stationary use in control centres and command units as well as for highly mobile use in vehicles or on foot. We can adapt the solution to your specific application requirements and expand the core system individually with appropriate modules.

Benefits and functionality for users:

  • Up-to-date situation picture of your own forces and reported events / people
  • Secure, near real-time and seamless communication between all participants o
    • All available communication connections can be implemented according to your requirements
  • Intuitive and touch-enabled surface for optimal operation in time-critical stressful situations
  • Encrypted data distribution and supply via own server
  • Hardening of end devices and communication connections with various security solutions
  • Evidence-proof documentation and exact deployment evaluation
  • Fast and inexpensive adaptation to your application requirements thanks to TARANIS® Mobile’s modular and service-oriented architecture
Taranis Mobile - Command & Control System


TARANIS® Smart is our command & control system for highly mobile and inconspicuous use. It supports individual officers from the police, special forces, rescue services, disaster control or other public authorities and organisations. Seamless connection to the next command level is always ensured.

Benefits and functionality for users:

  • Long runtime and very light thanks to the use of modern smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, Blackberry 10)
  • Secure and seamless connection
  • In addition to the (often) integrated GSM networks, the system can also be used via any IP radio equipment
  • Easy connection of forces to the corresponding control centres with a multitude of networking options
  • Up-to-date situation picture of one's own forces using an integrated situation map
  • Events and conspicuous features are made available in digital form to all forces from the lowest level upwards
  • Rapid definition of the participants required for the mission
  • Compatible with all solutions in the TARANIS® suite
Taranis Smart - Command & Control System
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