Innovativer Laserschutz für Piloten und Besatzung - visAIRion bei ESG


High performance for pilot and mission

More and more helicopter and aircraft crews are being targeted by laser attacks. To protect helicopter pilots, ESG has developed laser safety glasses that offer protection in five spectral ranges, a personalised frame as well as high colour fidelity and transmission.


developed with and for pilots
  • Optimised for use in the cockpit
  • Optimised for use with helmets, night vision goggles and helmet vision systems
  • Optimised for use in daylight and at night
Laserschutzbrille entwickelt von und mit Piloten - visAIRion bei ESG
Laserschutzbrille entwickelt für den Einsatz - visAIRion bei ESG
Developed for all mission types

Laser safety glasses have to be worn during long-term and demanding missions under a helmet and together with ear protectors. Consequently, comfort is especially important. Furthermore, modern pilot helmets are fitted with night vision devices or integrated vision systems that leave minimal space for additional laser safety glasses.

High degree of comfort

The new laser safety have been designed to ensure the optimum shape and individual adaptability and can be worn comfortably and with any type of helmet.

Individualisation with more than 100 variations
  • Prescription lenses for spectacle wearers
  • Several frame sizes
  • Various materials and shapes for glasses arms
  • Different lengths of glasses arm
Hohe Transmission für optimale Sicht - visAIRion bei ESG
High transmission for optimal vision

Good vision for the crew in the cockpit is particularly important when flying at night and at twilight. Compatibility with night vision systems and helmet displays has been taken into account.

Optimum colour fidelity for maximum safety

Good colour recognition is indispensable for the cockpit crew, for example to differentiate between warning and caution lights. By developing innovative filter materials, we have been able to achieve a high colour fidelity in connection with a high transmission.

Numerous tests were carried out together with the German Institute of Aerospace Medicine, the Bundeswehr Technical Center for Aircraft and Aeronautical Equipment (Wehrtechnische Dienststelle 61) and operational pilots to achieve all these advantages.


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