ESG Cyber Services für mehr Resilienz und Wirkung
Cyber Services
For increased resilience and impact
We make a decisive contribution to cyber-stability in complex systems and deployment scenarios. Professionally positioned, we advise our customers throughout the entire life cycle of their system and develop customer-specific solutions.
Comprehensive service for weapon systems

We offer customer-specific solutions to increase the impact and assertiveness of weapon systems. Starting with the system development through the analysis of weak points and the hardening of operating systems and hardware to the monitoring of IT systems, we offer our customers a broad and individually adaptable portfolio.

ESG Cyber Stability

intelligence and electronic warfare

Dominating the electromagnetic spectrum

As a product-independent system integrator and service provider, we offer in-depth domain knowledge and technical expertise in SIGINT, IMINT and radar. We supply and support the INTEL-systems of the German Armed Forces, police authorities and civilian companies throughout the entire product lifecycle. We are also masters of the disciplines of electronic warfare and develop platform-specific solutions in dialogue with the customer.

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