15th June 2021
Based on comprehensive operator feedback, ESG further developed GUARDION‘s core intelligence to launch the new and highly specialized C3I software ELYSION.
Elysion C3I

ELYSION is ESG’s response to reduce the complexity of the UAS threat – providing a highly specialized C-UAS C3I software with performant sensor data fusion and an updated intuitive operational picture with integrated video feed.

  • In the heat of an unauthorized drone intrusion or targeted attack, operators have to ensure swift action to protect their assets -forced to take weighted decisions in split seconds, they have to rely on reliable actionable intelligence derived from an intuitive operational picture.
  • Enhanced algorithms of the core intelligence hereby enable a higher degree of automation and operator assistance and a combat proven mission system back bone provides interoperability in multi-site or multi-system operations.
  • The map-based operational picture also received a face-lift to provide an intuitive overview and enhanced usability based on state-of-the art design features.

Intuitive Operational Picture & Dashboard

  • Modern and highly intuitive graphical user interface featuring state-of-the-art design elements
  • Map-based operational picture for real-time target and device visualization
  • Dashboard providing analysis of mission data and automatic mission reports
  • Statistics of overflights, health status of devices and subsystems, overall assessment of system performance and operation success  
  • Integration of video stream

Device Integration, Fusion and Assistance Functions

  • Enhanced algorithms for sophisticated processing and fusion of heterogenous sensor data
  • Threat analysis and assistance functions – automatic prioritization of high-risk targets in multi-threat scenarios
  • Open interface architecture that allows easy integration of new devices (ranging from) different radars, cameras, RF sensors to effectors
  • Automatic and continuous alignment of devices to a drone
  • Suggestion of countermeasures and effector activation via software (no SIL level)
Software Demonstration
  • Two drones approaching object of protection (fused data of multiple radar & RF sensors)
  • Operator tracks first suspect drone
  • After preliminary slew to cue, second suspect drone is automatically classified by SkyAI algorithm
  • Operator disrupts first drone signal (as soon as drone enters area of effective reach of jammer)
  • Operator takes screenshot of second drone and marks position of suspect remote on the ground
Coming soon
  • Dashboard functionality
  • Automatic mission reports
  • Enhanced system health monitoring
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