Den Grundstein für ein verlässliches Unterwasserlagebild eine performante Datenverarbeitung, -analyse und -bewertung eingehender Sensordaten in Nahe-Echtzeit


High-performance data processing for mission success

The success of the mission is largely based on the quality of the situational overview. The underwater situational overview in particular presents a special challenge due to its complexity. High-performance data processing, analysis and evaluation of incoming sensor data in near-real time is the foundation for a reliable underwater situational overview.


Für ein verlässliches Lagebild im Unterwasserbereich werden bewegliche, stationäre, passive, aktive und Langzeit-Sensoren verwendet.
Applied sensors
Movable, stationary, passive, active and long-term sensors of different frequency ranges are used for underwater applications. Depending on the type of construction, air, surface and also underwater vehicles can serve as mobile platforms.

Specific challenges arise with stationary and long-term sensors, as the energy supply and data transfer can be quite complicated and also very cost-intensive. ESG analyses existing and future system solutions and develops system concepts based on operational needs. In addition, we support with feasibility studies and integration planning for optimal capability growth.

Moccasin (MOnte CArlo Schall Strahlen INtensitäten) ist eines der leistungsfähigsten operativen Sonarreichweiten-Vorhersagemodelle.


MOCASSIN (MOnte CArlo Schall Strahlen INtensitäten [Monte Carlo sound beam intensities]), developed by the Bundeswehr in collaboration with NATO, is used by the German Navy and is one of the most powerful operational sonar range prediction models.

Essential functions

  • Input of all components of the monitoring system into the system
  1. Additional addition of data, e.g. salinity and temperature of the water
  2. Automated calculation of sonar performance
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