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ELYSION: highly specialised counter-UAS software for the best possible protection against the threat posed by drones

ESG launches upgraded core intelligence for combat-proven counter-UAS solution GUARDION.

In response to the increasingly complex challenges for the successful detection and defence against threats from drones in the field, ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH has further developed the core of its tried and tested counter-UAS system GUARDION: With ELYSION, ESG now offers a completely new and highly specialised counter-UAS C3I software for multi-sensor, multi-effector counter-UAS systems.

Drones continue to represent a serious security risk, not least because of the large number of systems sold and their universal applicability: for military associations, security authorities and organisations and security-critical infrastructures and facilities such as airports, power plants, large industrial plants or prisons.
In the event of an unauthorised drone overflight or a targeted attack, security forces – in particular the control centre operators – have to analyse a threat situation in a fraction of a second and take appropriate decisions accordingly. 

ELYSION is a comprehensive further development of the GUARDION software core, consisting of a data-processing core intelligence and an intuitive map-based operational picture. The extensive operational experience and feedback from various civilian, police and military customers and end users directly influenced the develop-ment of the ELYSION software, so that ELYSION can ideally cater to the diverse and highly complex requirements in the field.

During development, the focus was particularly on the areas of intuitive usability, automation and high-performance data processing. ELYSION now offers an attractively designed user interface with integrated camera feed, high-performance sensor data fusion and other operator-supporting assistance functions such as the intelligent prioriti-sation of multiple targets or suggestions for suitable countermeasures.
ELYSION is interoperable with previously introduced sensor and effector systems and higher-level command and control systems and offers GUARDION’s proven modular and open interface architecture so that further innovative technologies can also be integrated in the future.

For more information on ELYSION, please visit: https://esg-defencesecurity.com/en/elysion

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ESG is a certified aviation company for aircraft and aviation equipment for the Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces) and an aviation engineering company in line with EASA Parts 21J/G and EASA Part 145. 
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