ESG Mobility and Vector will work together

ESG Mobility and Vector will work together in the future to make the growing complexity of today's E/E systems in the mobility industry more manageable.

New vehicles and mobility concepts require very powerful Electric-Electronic systems. The so-called E/E architecture is the connecting element and responsible for the success of the vehicle networks and the realization of the software-based customer features. In view of the large number of new mobility platforms with different vehicle variants, types of powertrains and individual customer features, it is not surprising that the market for the development of the E/E architectures is currenty rapidly growing. Experts predict that by 2021 the volume will increase by more than 50%.

The Munich-based IT and Electronics expert ESG Mobility, is now working closely with the Stuttgart-based Business Unit “Process Tools” of Vector Informatik to serve the growing market and overcome the associated challenges in the complexity of many vehicle developments. Vector’s tool PREEvision, specialized on the E/E architecture development makes a significant contribution to the technical implementation of today’s E/E systems, as all development steps are consistently mapped in one tool and the associated data is consistently saved in a backbone. The associated services and know-how for the execution of sophisticated E/E projects and the development of entire E/E vehicle platforms will be provided by ESG Mobility. Jointly both companies will be addressing established vehicle manufacterers, as well as new players in the mobility field. A cross-industry approach is additionally planned. Also vehicle manufacteres that need to drive ambitious digitalization initivatives and integrate a large number of new mobility features to deal with market pressure and competitiveness, will be addressed . “The cooperation with Vector represents an ideal combination of an excellent tool and an experienced team to develop cost-effective and robust E/E systems based, for example on Automotive Ethernet or Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). This will provide us with a sustainable basis for the digitalization of mobility”, emphasizes Fran Candal, E/E Entire Vehicle Development expert at ESG Mobility.

Learn more about PREEvision here: www.vector.com/PREEvision