Eine optimierte Lagerverwaltung ist nur ein Vorteil der Supply-Chain-Insights-Lösungen der ESG.


Data-driven optimisation of your logistics

Get valuable insights into your supply chain. Better planning, optimised inventory management and faster response to changes in demand are just some of the benefits of our supply chain insights solutions. Advanced technologies such as dashboarding, simulation and artificial intelligence enable realtime monitoring and analysis of your supply chain data. Your supply chain becomes more agile and effective. Identify risks and bottlenecks early on so that you are prepared for the dynamic demands of our time!


Complexity: The challenge of efficiently managing a large number of resources and materials, while at the same time increasing the complexity of your overall logistics system, requires transparency and deep insights into your processes, supply structures and facilities. Stay on top of things with our supply chain insights solutions.

Security:  Protecting your logistics network from theft, sabotage or unauthorised access is a top priority. Use our approaches to find particularly sensitive and vulnerable points in your network and make it robust against attacks. 

Speed and agility: Quick reactions and rapid provision of materials make the difference at the decisive moment. Your logistics must be able to react quickly to changing requirements and ensure the timely transport of materials. We can help you with transparency and an insight into your supply chain that is available at any time. 

Die Business Intelligence (BI) und Analyselösungen bieten Ihnen eine interaktive und übersichtliche Darstellung aller notwendigen Informationen zu Ihrer Supply Chain.
Dashboarding und Data Analytics

Keep a constant eye on the relevant KPIs of your supply chain

Our Business Intelligence (BI) and analysis solutions offer you an interactive and clear presentation of all necessary information on your supply chain. Whether you want to track stock levels or measure throughput times, automated reporting and realtime updates keep your logistics system in view at all times. 

Die Simulationslösungen ermöglichen es, reale Szenarien virtuell nachzustellen und verschiedene Strategien zu testen, ohne dabei Ihre Logistikkette zu beeinträchtigen.
Simulation and Digital Twin

Make informed strategic and operational decisions with a digital copy of your supply chain

Our simulation solutions allow you to virtually recreate real-world scenarios and test different strategies without affecting your supply chain. By integrating data from various sources, such as orders, stock levels, transport capacities and delivery times, our digital models provide realistic results and valuable insights into the entire logistics process.

Die Automatisierung von Prozessen, Analyse von Daten und Vorhersagen ermöglichen Ihnen eine effizientere und präzisere Steuerung Ihrer Lieferkette.
Prognosis and automation

AI helps you map the future of your supply chain

Revolutionise your logistics by using artificial intelligence methodologies. Automation of processes, analysis of data and prognosis enable you to manage your supply chain more efficiently and precisely. Particularly in the case of volatile developments, this allows you to react quickly and at any time to unplannable events. 

Your entire logistics network in one tool

With our tools, you don't just look at one component of your logistics system, but rather you gain a holistic insight into all parts of your network, from procurement and warehousing to delivery and distribution. You can benefit from many advantages when using our supply chain insights solutions: 

Efficiency increase

Identify bottlenecks and inefficient processes and optimise your logistics operations.


Planning capability

With a deep understanding of demand and consumption patterns, inventories and deliveries can be better planned – an important success factor in dynamic times.

Risk management

Identify risks and uncertainties in the supply chain and actively respond to potential disruptions or unforeseen events.

Strategic decisions

Based on your data and with the help of our tools, you can build your strategic decisions on a sound basis and align your logistics in a long-term and targeted manner.

ESG - Your partner for the digitisation of your logistics

Our approach

We are a team of experts from different fields. With our logistics specialists, we make sure we understand your needs. Our IT specialists and analysts then take care of the transformation of your supply chain.

As a technology-independent service provider, we are always looking for the right solution for your particular situation. That's why our assignment always begins with a workshop in which we take a close look at your requirements together. We always put the needs of the future user in the foreground.

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