Logistic management

We bring together what efficient logistics needs
We ensure holistic and efficient logistic systems for our customers and guarantee a reliable, robust and agile logistic service. We are your partner, consultant and problem solver for all logistic challenges and objectives.
our services
are unique and tailored to your needs

With an eye on future developments and requirements, we plan, implement and look after your logistic system: from process design to operation and IT connections through to optimisation. To do this, we use state-of-the-art methods - from automation potential to artificial intelligence.

With our holistic approach, we take on the project, process and risk management and ensure the connection and integration of other partners and services according to your requirements. Key elements for this are tailor-made interfaces and IT services for individual data exchange.

AGILe, ROBUST, efficient & Secure
  • Material and spare parts  management incl. procurement
  • Target and requirements management
  • Inventory management
  • Complaints management
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Maintenance management
  • Development, operation and support of logistic software solutions and tools
  • Coordination, control and tracking of material movement and transport
  • Efficient network of shipping companies
  • Development, operation and support of software solutions for transport management
Icon Militär und Behörden - ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH
  • Conceptual design and modelling
  • Mapping and analysis of existing processes
  • Digital twins of logistic processes and systems
  • Targeted process optimisation
  • Implementation
  • Holistic logistic consulting
Industry sectors

With a background in military logistics, we also provide our services for public authorities, emergency services and other industries. We transfer our knowledge and experience gained from working in the very robust and efficient military logistic sector to all industry sectors in a target-oriented manner, thereby helping to increase the efficiency of all logistic systems.

our solutions
for your logistic challenges
Armed forces
  • Central warehouse logistics and supply
  • Protection of logistic facilities
  • Host Nation Support
  • Navy and healthcare logistics
  • Ammunition logistics
  • Tailored solutions for future weapon systems
  • Interface to SASPF and therefore full integration into the Bundeswehr logistics system
Public authorities & emergency services
  • Centralisation of logistics
  • Organisation and set-up of logistics centres
  • Protection of logistic facilities
our references
  • Operation of the Central Bundeswehr Spare Parts Logistics (ZEBEL)
  • Operation of the component hub for HIL GmbH
  • Operation of an independent federally owned warehouse for ESG‘s maintenance provisioning for its Bundeswehr customer
  • Material management for A400M and P-3C Orion
  • Civilian commercial support for the Traffic & Transport department of the Bundeswehr Logistics Centre
  • Cooperation in the conceptual design of a future „Bavarian Police Logistics Centre“  
  • Operation of an analysis office for analyses and simulation of logistic and weapon system specific data
your strong PARTNER
4 resasons to work with ESG
  • Our solutions are always neutral and tailored to the real needs of the customer without any product interests of our own
  • Extensive domain knowledge in logistics on land, in the air and at sea
  • Classic logistics skills in combination with the latest approaches in artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital twins or big data analytics
  • Experienced partner in handling sensitive data and its transmission

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