Logistic management
We bring together what efficient logistics needs
Efficient process chains are only created when the right links are brought together. As an experienced system integrator with in-depth knowledge, we interlink holistic solutions with your needs and objectives.

We are your logistical integrator


Our integrator roll

  • Adaptation of commercial logistics services to the military value chain
  • Operation of warehouses & supply chains
  • Interface with SASPF and therefore full integration into the LogSysBw
  • Interface & IT services for correct data exchange
  • Project, process & risk management
  • Involvement & integration of further partners and services
  • Sampling & quality assurance
  • Domain knowledge
  • Classified material support for the Federal Government regarding confidentiality
  • Neutral partner without product interests

For logistical overall solutions

For future weapons systems

  • Heavy transport helicopters
  • Tactical air defence system TLVS
  • Multi-purpose fighting ship MKS180

Performance Based Logistics (PBL)

With the objectives of continuously improving reliability, availability and supply capability, as well as reducing live cycle costsalten or at least keeping them stable, we optimize operational readiness as the number of platforms decreases.

  • Approach for holistic system support for the fleet of a weapons system
  • Clear distribution of tasks between industry and the armed forces
  • Based on incentive-oriented contract drafting


Master data management

Creating structure data sheets (SDS) and structuring technical objects with the following focuses:

  • Creating & adapting SDS and template structures in the productive system SASPF
  • Highlighting effects on the productive system SASPF
  • Data maintenance in SASPF/SinN
  • Creation and editing of target figure master data and target/actual comparisons
  • Creation and quality assurance of copy templates and harmonisation of these activities
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