Als unabhängiger Partner für Bundeswehr und Industrie ermöglicht die ESG eine optimale Lösung für jede Anforderung.


Maximum operational readiness while optimising costs

Availability and cost efficiency are decisive factors in the lifecycle of complex durable systems. As an independent partner for the armed forces and industry, we provide the optimum solution from the development phase to operation and phasing out.

360 degree optimisation

With holistic services, we support our customers throughout the entire system lifecycle. As early as the analysis phase, we carry out studies and advise on the logistic requirements for the design, implementation and use of systems. We support system implementations and procurement with a broad portfolio of technical-logistic services from documentation to occupational safety and environmental protection to obsolescence management. In order to maintain and increase operational readiness in the in-service phase, we, as experienced experts, provide development and technical-logistic support for a wide range of systems and platforms. We also support you in the event of a system replacement or in the decommissioning and disposal phase.

Mit ganzheitlicher Betreuung unterstützt die ESG ihre Kunden entlang des gesamten Systemlebenszyklus.
Our services for
Integrated Logistic Support
Logistic analyses, concepts & studies

Logistics Support Analysis (LSA)

  1. Determining logistic requirements for the design, implementation and use of products and systems (including requirements management)
  2. Optimisation of logistic processes and system availability through analyses


  1. Project-related logistic concepts
  2. Maintenance concepts (overhaul, care, repair)
  3. Project-specific guidance documents
  4. Obsolescence management plans


  1. Research and technology studies
  2. Feasibility studies
Lifecycle Cost Management

Individual modelling of lifecycle costs, taking into account economic and technical parameters

  1. Cost analysis to support budget planning
  2. Systematic survey of already incurred and planned lifecycle costs
  3. Estimation of future project costs until the end of service life
  4. Structured presentation of lifecycle costs
  5. Coordinated analysis of cost drivers
  6. Advice on controlling future lifecycle costs
Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation (IETD)
  1. Product-specific guidance documents
  2. NATO cataloguing and codification with ESG tool N-CORE
  3. Spare parts documentation and attachment sheets for material management
  4. Descriptive technical documentation for the operation and maintenance of a product/system
  5. In accordance with international standards and national regulations (technical regulations, S1000D, S2000M)

ESG tools for IETD:

  1. APART  S2000M authoring system for creating, checking and changing original spare parts lists and catalogues
  2. QuILS S1000D authoring and retrieval system for maintenance documentation (BESTD for Bundeswehr)
SASPF data quality management

Increasing the quality of technical and logistical master data through analysis, processing and maintenance

  1. ESG competence centre in Koblenz
  2. Cross-departmental support for BAAINBw

Support for project managers and equipment administrators in the SASPF and SinN procedures

  1. Structuring of technical objects
  2. Control and operation of central SASPF transactions
  3. Development and implementation of servicing plans and maintenance instructions
  4. Error analysis and correction of technical-logistical master data
  5. Conception and implementation of training measures
Occupational safety & ergonomics

Execution of product-related hazard assessments using the ESG tool OSIMA® to comply with all requirements for defence products regarding occupational safety

  1. Determination and assessment of hazards by qualified personnel (professionals for occupational safety, specialist knowledge in e.g. hazardous substances, radiation protection, lasers)
  2. Deriving measures and documentation
  3. Can be updated over the entire product lifecycle
  4. Evaluation of changes in legal sources
  5. Administration of hazard assessments, also for extensive system families
Environmental protection & chemical safety

Preparation of product-related environmental and chemical compliance assessments throughout the entire product lifecycle

  1. Hazardous substance analysis: Determination of hazardous substances or ingredients in products in accordance with legal foundations, transparent presentation of the results
  2. Disposal concept: Categorisation of the product according to waste classes, recommendations for their disposal
  3. Further consulting services during product development and use
Product safety & functional safety

Reduction of development and liability risks through early consideration of safety requirements

  1. Identification of requirements e.g. from norms, standards, customer requirements
  2. Definition and specification of safety requirements with prioritisation of design-critical requirements
  3. Support in assigning safety requirements to system elements or development processes
  4. Consideration of safety activities in the product realisation process
  5. Verification and validation
  6. Evidence of conformity and documentation
  7. Further support services include research on norms, FME(C)A, maintaining the preliminary hazard list and hazard log
Product monitoring & changes

Product monitoring for an appropriate and timely reaction to findings from product use and to changes in the product environment

  1. Collection, processing and evaluation of technical and logistical data on faults, complaints and repairs to identify problem areas and weak points
  2. Fault and maintenance analysis to optimise maintenance concepts, processes, measures and training
  3. Development of suitable measures

Feasible product changes within the timeframe, capability scope and budget

  1. Execution of feasibility studies, profitability analyses and risk minimisation studies
  2. Analysis of system compatibility
  3. Generation of change documentation
  4. Implementation of test/sample installations
  5. Monitoring of the approval process
Obsolescence management

Reduction of lifecycle costs and extension of product lifetime through proactive and reactive obsolescence management

  1. Identification and substitution of obsolete components
  2. Suggestions for obsolescence elimination
  3. Strategic obsolescence management as development-related consulting service
  4. Maintaining the capability of the system even if the service life is extended
  5. Avoidance of high change costs in later lifecycle phases
  6. Compliance with all relevant regulations and standards
Decommissioning & disposal
  1. Factoring decommissioning into project-related logistical concepts and lifecycle cost analyses
  2. Creation of disposal concepts
  3. Execution of hazard assessments for disposal-related activities
  4. Detachment of the decommissioned systems from the procedures, e.g. through SASPF data maintenance
5 reasons to work with esg
  1. We offer all ILS services from a single source - as an all-in-one package or as individual services
  2. We are an independent partner of the armed forces and industry
  3. We have many years of experience with military projects and processes
  4. We are a strong team with extensive expertise in all ILS disciplines and military logistics
  5. We lead an integrative approach to leverage synergies

Our references

  1. Technical-logistic support for most of the Bundeswehr’s airborne, land and sea-based weapon systems
  2. SASPF central data quality management for the Bundeswehr and industry at the ESG competence centre in Koblenz
  3. Execution of product-related hazard assessments and conformity tests / environmental compatibility analyses for many of the Bundeswehr’s weapon and special systems
  4. Creation and modification of technical documentation according to ASD S1000D and S2000M for the Bundeswehr’s airborne and land-based weapon systems
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