N-CORE NG is the leading NATO codification and cataloguing solution for governments and public security authorities with 17 customers worldwide.

The NATO Codification System (NCS) is a uniform and common system for identification, classification and stock numbering of Items of Supply of user nations. It is designed to achieve maximum effectiveness in logistics support and to facilitate material data management. Non-NATO countries can also be part of the international data exchange after being certified (TIER 1, TIER 2).


N-CORE NG is an easy-to-use, web-based codification and information system based on the rules and procedures of the NCS, according to the NATO Manual on Codification Specifications "ACodP-1". It supports all national and international codification processes and enables decentralised database maintenance. N-CORE NG consists of a core system covering the codification tasks of a National Codification Bureau (NCB) and a wide range of other modules to increase productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.


Quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness

N-CORE NG significantly improves the quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness of your material codification process. Material manufacturers (military and civil) can also use the system's web interface to participate in the codification process. N-CORE is used in numerous NATO, TIER 1 and TIER 2 countries, as well as in industry sectors.

Experience, expertise and customer focus

The N-CORE team has over 25 years of experience in NATO codification. We use our extensive expertise to continuously and proactively improve our services to develop new features and services that provide extra added value to our customers’ user experience.

Benefits N-CORE & NCS

Reduction in warehousing costs by implementing the NCS

  • Lower prices paid per item through purchasing larger, consolidated volumes of items
  • Inventory reduction
  • Shorter re-supply times
  • Lower purchase prices for items
  • Different nations can share supply chains and inventory
  • Improved international collaboration by using the same system

Added value with N-CORE NG

  • Greatly improved codification quality
  • Automated processes that reduce workload
  • Time-saving standardised processes
  • Customisable at user level and modular design
  • Made in Germany
Global user group
  • Asia Pacific
    Indonesia, India, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore
  • Europe
    Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Romania and Slovenia
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
    Israel and Oman
Customer reviews

The software – Very user-friendly and the best choice on the market.
The N-CORE project – Always ahead.
Working with ESG – Kind professional assistance.
– Danish NCB

ESG has provided the NZDF with highly customer-focused software solutions, which met our specific requirements.
– New Zealand NCB

Our association with ESG has helped us deliver excellence to our clients on a consistent basis at all levels
– Silver Falcon Enterprises LLC, ESG Partner im Sultanat Oman

It is truly refreshing to experience that a software provider really listens to and understands their clients. N-CORE NG  is not only a great software, but also one that has an outstanding team of experts proactively working to address ever-growing needs.
This combination of software and in-service support made our task of switching from a national system to that of a COTS product impressively simple. Also, during compliance testing for the status of Tier 2, I can only speak positively about the service we received from ESG and the software they provide. They made the difference…
Thank you to ESG and the N-CORE team.

– From the Indian NCB – Deputy Director Rakesh Kumar

    erforms tasks relevant to table updates according to ACodP-1 and the system support files (H2-, H6- file and MRD) including the maintenance of all system and organisational tables (e.g. user profile, passwords, etc.).
    The functionality range of N-CORE NG contains all the procedures and features developed during many years of practical codification experience using and developing codification software. These functions make codification simpler and cost efficient. These proven and continuously improved processes will enhance your quality by reducing and eliminating input and output errors.
    Performs database search tasks.
    Creation and maintenance of national NCAGE Information.
    Performs all tasks relevant to a nation's TIR. This includes the automated generation and sending of L- and K-DICs for online NSN registered user changes. Maintenance transactions (K-DICs) received from the NSPA are also automatically updated in the TIR.
  • CYBER SECURITYTake advantage of our extensive services to be well prepared against cyber threats e.g. VPN (Virtual Private Networks), Grid Card and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technologies.

System architecture
N-CORE uses a web-bsed 4-tier architecture with a thin client browser.

The following system configurations are available:

  • Client with a web browser for codification and search
  • Web and application server based on Jakarta EE (Windows/Linux server, multiprocessor)
  • ORACLE or PostgreSQL database system (Windows/Linux server, multiprocessor)

Additional Codification Services

Our philosophy is not just to sell software, but also to provide our customers with useful process knowledge support to enable them to perform basic and advanced tasks effectively - and with a high level of data quality. With N-CORE, our customers receive comprehensive services that focus on the NATO Codification System (NCS).

N-CORE is thus not just a product, but a complete package of services for NATO Codification Bureaus (NCB) and industry: Developing business processes, statistical reports, workflows, training and codification software.

The N-CORE team provides the following services:

  • Configuration and customization to specific customer requirements
  • Business process analysis & reengineering including workflow definition
  • Data analysis and cleansing
  • Development of national functionality
  • Hotline support
  • Implementation
  • Legacy data migration
  • Technology & process consulting and project/programme management for codification projects
  • Ticket system
  • Codification training concepts for NCS and N-CORE: Webinars and face-to-face
  • Software maintenance and lifecycle support
Certificates: Quality and Security

ISO 9001 / EN 9100 and ISO 27001: Information Security Management

  • Planning, development, production, maintenance, integration and operation of electronic and IT systems
  • Technology and process consulting services
  • Training concepts and training platforms, training, operation of training centers
  • Development and operation of logistic solutions and IT services
  • Life cycle solutions incl. maintenance and spare parts management, technical documentation
Which database software is supported by N-CORE?
  • PostgreSQL

Supported login methods:

  • Standard: User / Password
  • Kerberos
  • Keycloak
Does N-CORE offer extended authorisation levels?

Yes. Grid authentication can be used additionally. It is a method of securing user logins by requiring the user to enter values of specific cells into a grid, the contents of which are accessible only to the user and the service provider - also known as an Entrust Card, currently used by NSPA to secure its online presence, e.g. NABS.

In addition, we offer a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI): a set of functions, policies and procedures for the creation, processing, distribution, use, storage and cancellation of digital certificates and for the management of public key encryption.

Is it possible to run N-CORE in a cloud?

Yes, it is possible to run N-CORE in a cloud environment.

Supported N-CORE application and database server operating systems
  • Linux
Does N-CORE NG support PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)?

Yes, ESG provides PKI support for N-CORE NG using X.509 certificates. This also includes SSL/TLS and client certificates.

Is the N-CORE NG interface certified by SAP AG?

Yes, the interface between N-CORE NG and SAP is certified for SAP ECC 6.0 and also for the use of UNICODE in the IDOCs.

Is the total data exchange with other participating nations carried out in XML format via NMBS, as explained in ACodP-1?

All data exchange with other participating countries is carried out in XML format via NMBS, as explained in ACodP-1.

Is it possible to load the H2/H6 and MRD data supplied by DLIS?

N-CORE NG has an import function that allows you to load files downloaded from the DLIS website directly into the N-CORE database.

Is it possible to load the FIIG files supplied by DLIS?

The FIIG files must be prepared and finalised by ESG before they can be used in the system. The prepared files are supplied by ESG.

Is N-CORE multilingual?

YES, N-CORE is multilingual. N-CORE transfers the translations from the customer's sources. The uploaded data material can then be edited and customised by the customer.

Is N-CORE safe?

Yes, N-CORE is usually secured with https, an industry standard for data stream encryption. Our measures are at the forefront of information security.

What about training courses?

We offer industry-leading NCS and material codification training courses, praised by delegates as the best courses in the industry. The courses are run in conjunction with CMCA(UK), the UK's leading materials codifier. We offer N-CORE user training for all levels of experience and codification roles, as well as training for N-CORE administrators. Training sessions are offered on-site or online

Where will my articles be codified?

In each country, the National Codification Bureau (NCB) is the central point of contact for the codification of items. For more information, see the next question on how to find the NCB contact responsible for your country.

Who is the contact person for the national NCBs?

The webpage at the end of the answer contains the contact persons for each NATO National Codification Bureau (NCB) as well as for the NCBs of the sponsored countries that have a special relationship with NATO countries in terms of codification. Please use the following link: https://www.nato.int/structur/AC/135/#/about/contacts

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