ESG Drohnenabwehrsystem für Feldlagerschutz
Counter-UAS Solution
Reliable protection against unwanted drone intrusions
GUARDION, the mission-proven modular system from ESG DEFENCE + PUBLIC SECURITY and its partners, offers tailor-made solutions for reliable detection and effective defence against drones for customers from the military, public authorities and critical infrastructure.
mission-proven, modular Counter-UAS System
Reliable detection and effective counter-measures against drones


The high performance and wide variety in size, speed and control type of standard and modified drone types require a modular multi-sensor mix in order to be able to detect, locate and track drones in the air and their pilots on the ground safely and as early as possible.

Functionality of the detection system:

  • Fully automated 24/7 detection & classification
  • Early warning capability & high reliability in alerting & identification
  • Multi-sensor portfolio (RF, radar, optics & acoustics)

In order to be able to make the best decision in critical situations and under time pressure, commanders and their teams need an intuitive operational picture that shows the current threat situation at a glance and can be communicated securely and in real-time with all  forces involved in the control centre, in the air and on the ground.

Functionality for the user:

  • Intuitive map-based situation picture for real-time communication with all entities
  • Interoperable C3I system ELYSION
  • Decision support with powerful core intelligence ELYSION (sensor data fusion and assistance functions)
Reduce the complexity of the UAS threat

ELYSION OPERATIONS - Intuitive Operational Picture & Dashboard

  • Modern and highly intuitive graphical user interface featuring state-of-the-art design elements
  • Map-based operational picture for real-time target and device visualization

ELYSION CORE INTELLIGENCE - Device Integration, Fusion and Assistance Functions

  • Enhanced algorithms for sophisticated processing and fusion of heterogenous sensor data
  • Threat analysis and assistance functions – automatic prioritization of high-risk targets in multi-threat scenarios


Based on this situation picture, the system enables end users and operators to take effective measures to either electromagnetically prevent the mission of the enemy drone or to take physical action - thus ensuring effective protection of properties and objects and reliably securing the airspace.

Functionality for the user:

  • Portfolio of effective countermeasures against all drone threats with minimal collateral effects on uninvolved third parties (smart & GPS jammers, HPEM, network launchers)
  • Fully automatic effector chain or "man-in-the-loop"
  • Reliable protection and safe use within the framework of the existing legal conditions of use and while maintaining the proportionality of the resources

Support And Services

  • Hardware-neutral evaluation, consulting and project-specific selection of suitable sensors and effectors for the respective requirements of a deployment scenario.
  • Fully integrated and freely scalable integration into tailor-made deployment platforms - options: portable box, vehicle-integrated, mobile container-based, ready for installation or stationary in the existing infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive training for all user concepts available worldwide.
  • After-sales support and overall system responsibility for sustainable further development from a single source and across the entire product lifecycle.

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