Die ESG analysiert in Studien die Reifegrade und mögliche Defizite von Technologien im Kontext operationeller Konzepte.


New technologies for new capabilities

New developments often begin with theoretical considerations and analyses. Studies analyse maturity levels, but also possible deficits of technologies in the context of operational concepts. The findings serve as input for the development of roadmaps and provide the necessary knowledge for the application of the technologies for future products and systems.

Key Benefits:
  • Highlighting the potential of technologies
  • Determination of technology readiness levels
  • Basis for strategic planning of technological development
  • Requirements orientation of technological development
  • Support of conceptual work within the scope of CD&E
  • Technological maturation in the framework of research & technology
  • Internationalisation through participation in NATO/NIAG studies
Am Anfang neuer Entwicklungen stehen vielfach theoretische Überlegungen und Analysen.
Systematisches Roadmapping für die Entwicklung von Systemen und Prozessen.
for the development of systems and processes

In addition to the technologies, roadmapping involves assessing other future developments in order to answer the question of when which goal can be achieved. 

In addition to the technical perspective, aspects such as the development of markets, the environment or political conditions as well as the position of the population must also be assessed. From this overall view, the measures necessary to achieve long-term goals are structured into realistically manageable steps.

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