Die ESG analysiert in Studien die Reifegrade und mögliche Defizite von Technologien im Kontext operationeller Konzepte.


Demonstration of new technologies

The application of a new technology is demonstrated with a proof of concept (PoC). ESG thus provides experimental proof that an idea or concept can be implemented in practice. Targeted and limited tests are used to prove the functionality and  feasibility of a new technology.

Mit dem fokussierten Einsatz des Proof-of-Concept wird eine Akzeptanz der Technologieanwendung beim zukünftigen Endnutzer erreicht.
Minimise risk and increase acceptance
Acceptance of the technology application by the future end user is achieved with the focused use of proof of concept. Optimisations can be quickly adapted to a user's wishes in a functioning environment. In addition, potential problems are detected and identified at an early stage and adapted to minimise risk in the proof of concept.

If the demonstrator phase is successfully completed, important findings and foundations will be available for use in further development. 

Key Benefits:

  • Fast and cost-effective realisation: "From technology to capability"
  • Risk minimisation for decision-making bases and in the development process
  • Early acceptance of a new technology in the application
  • Validation of critical application requirements
  • Early identification of potential problems 
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