Die ESG übernimmt Verantwortung bei der Integration komplexer Systeme im maritimen Umfeld.


Your challenges, our solutions

We combine our objectives with the optimal approach. From the determination of requirements to the use of defence equipment, we accompany you in a sound, forward-looking and purposeful manner. We take on the responsibility of integrating complex systems in the maritime environment and always keep the overall system in focus.


Our experienced team of project managers work with modern project management methods, helping you to implement your project in an uncomplicated and solution-oriented manner, within the required time and financial framework.

Services over the entire lifecycle:

  • Project development
  • Project management
  • Project support
Das erfahrenen Team der ESG begeleitet ihr Projektmanagement mit Leistungen über den gesamten Lifecycle.
Für ein verlässliches Lagebild im Unterwasserbereich werden bewegliche, stationäre, passive, aktive und Langzeit-Sensoren verwendet.

We act in a manufacturer-independent and platform-neutral manner and support the implementation of technical as well as non-technical studies in all phases of the German armament process.

Your advantages:

  • In-depth process knowledge across all phases of the German armament process
  • Long-standing naval experience across all application series
  • Comparability of solution approaches
  • Planning reliability for the implementation of the optimal solution
We support you in determining and meeting requirements, and during the utilization of defense technology equipment for the German Navy. This includes the creation of concepts for logistics, personnel, training and IT security as well as financial needs analyses and requirements management.


The Bundeswehr developed an architecture data model [ADMBw] using the NATO Architecture Framework (NAF) as a basis. This, in conjunction with a Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) approach, forms a basis for our work and expertise in the areas of

  • System architecture
  • System design
  • Service architecture 
  • IT service design

These skills are crucial to meet our customers' requirements. Our employees have built up in-depth knowledge in this context and are constantly developing it further. In addition, ESG has established a competence centre with experts, who provide our employees with technical support in the various projects in terms of methodology, in order to ensure the high quality requirements.

 NATO Architektur Framework (NAF), ein von der Bundeswehr entwickeltes Architekturdatenmodell als Grundlage für die Arbeit in den Bereichen Systemarchitektur und Servicedesign.
Die ESG übernimmt Verantwortung bei der Integration komplexer Systeme im maritimen Umfeld.
We support you in the analysis, preparation and implementation of product changes and system integration on board ships and boats.

Your benefits from our system responsibility:

  • Holistic integration planning
  • Extensive analyses to minimise risks
  • Preparation of acceptance plans
  • Comprehensive preparation of product changes with a view to the overall system
  • Efficient integration of components and equipment into the overall system


Whether for a spatial feasibility study, the testing of functional requirements or the linking of logistical data, we can develop a digital twin for your application or problem in accordance with customer requirements. This includes the needs analysis and subsequent creation of complex 3D models, based on a high-precision 3D laser scan survey or with the help of existing documentation. The data and its preparation can be created, held and made available in various ways, from a 2D drawing to a virtual reality environment, independent of manufacturer and (CAD) system.

Your advantages:

  • Great expertise in 3D surveying and modelling of inventory objects
  • High-performance computers
  • Long-standing platform experience across all ship classes of the navy
  • Comparability of solution approaches
  • Interactive models
 Die ESG entwickelt nach Kundenwunsch einen digitalen Zwilling für Ihre Anwendung bzw. Problemstellung.
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