Die ESG projektiert den Aufbau sanitätsdienstlicher Einrichtungen und übernimmt die Integration in bestehende Systeme.


Establishment of medical service facilities

ESG plans the construction of medical service facilities, conducts feasibility studies of military and medical service equipment and undertakes integration into existing systems for protected and highly mobile medical solutions in complex envelope systems.

Die ESG unterstützt ganzheitlich bei Konzipierung, Realisierung, Vernetzung und Bewirtschaftung.
We provide you with holistic support
Conceptualisation, realisation, networking and management

All based on a well thought-out concept:

  • Realisation of a medical infrastructure consisting of comprehensive medical installation kits (surgical rooms, CT rooms, laboratory rooms, etc.) 
  • Networking in the medical and healthcare network
  • Reliable management and circulation of medical supplies

Our services

We support you with:

  • Realisation and support of complex medical service systems: Technical equipping of medical service facilities for deployment 
  • Medical technical support: Identification and registration of medical devices and medical equipment  
  • Technical, logistical and medical data management: development of SASPF-compliant master data for EVG/NVG-SAN and development of associated databases  
  • Reconstruction and expansion of structural infrastructure (Bundeswehr hospitals and institutes)
  • Digitalisation/networking of military healthcare
  • Material management of Bundeswehr hospitals and regional medical facilities
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