Die Digitalisierung der Gesundheit ist die Mission der ESG.


Your health is our mission

The physical and mental health as well as the physical performance of the soldiers are indispensable prerequisites for operationally ready and efficient armed forces. ESG makes an optimal contribution to this with technological innovation and digitalisation.


Digitalisation and new technological trends

As humans, physical and mental health are our greatest assets. 

Digitalisation and the introduction of technological innovations in the armed forces enable improved consideration of health aspects in all relevant areas of responsibility. Starting with training, prevention in training and exercises, through early detection of illnesses and injuries, to an optimised rescue chain, ESG is ready as a partner with solutions.

Physiological measurements in real time, intelligent evaluation methods and demand-oriented networking in leadership processes are the means to achieve this.

Digitalisierung und neue technologische Trends im Bereich Sanität.
Auf dem neuesten Stand der aktuellen Forschung im Bereich Sanität.
Innovative, forward-looking and digital
Thinking ahead on the cutting edge of current research

End-to-end digitalisation through

  • Integration of new digital possibilities into existing procedures, systems and processes
  • Applied research for optimal support of health maintenance and in the context of emergencies
  • Inclusion of medical-logistical issues for integrated, holistic and continuous healthcare

Our services

at a glance

Rely on our comprehensive support:

  • Research and technology
    • Implementation and monitoring of technical and non-technical studies
    • Creation of formal models with method architecture
  • Technology monitoring 
  • Investigations and analyses of current technological trends through to the development of prototypes
  • Development of practice-oriented solutions in the operational context 
  • Seamless integration into existing environments
  • Partners for joint problem-solving
  • Applications of physiological monitoring
    • Combat casualty detection
    • Pilot state monitoring
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