Kultur und Werte der ESG als Arbeitgeber.

Culture and values


In times of constant change, ESG offers its employees security. This is demonstrated by the company's history, reputation and proven success in the market, industry diversity and service portfolio, customer loyalty and the forward-looking approach of the company management. The best proof of this is the fact that ESG has always been profitable throughout its more than 50-year history.

Our long-term and reliable customer partnerships are the result of employees who see trust, customer focus and implementation strength as their top priority. The good customer structure and solid business areas offer stability and security.


for all

We treat our applicants and employees with appreciation. Every age has its place at ESG. What counts for us is people, expertise and commitment.

Joint celebrations are an essential part of the company's inherent sense of cohesion: Summer parties at our company headquarters, to which all employees throughout Germany are invited, farewell parties for long-serving employees in a celebratory atmosphere with tributes from the management, after-work parties or a festive Christmas market.

Balance, health and well-being play an important role in a busy working day. Modern company buildings, a balanced and varied canteen meal or restaurant vouchers, sports groups, state-of-the-art cooling and heating systems, which ensure a pleasant and natural indoor climate and combine ecological aspects, promote general well-being in the workplace.

The loyalty of our employees shows that the appreciation is mutual.


Take advantage

Employees who value and utilise their latitude in action, managers who trust them to take on responsibility early on, colleagues who enjoy meeting and exchanging ideas in our open meeting points: these are all examples of our open and trusting corporate culture.

Trust, flexible working hours and plenty of latitude in action mean that employees can act independently and implement their ideas. Work-from-home models create the ideal framework for reconciling professional and personal needs.

In order to test the feasibility of their innovative ideas, our employees are given a certain period of time in which they can devote themselves entirely to their innovation project.



Customised development plans are the best way to do justice to the diversity of our employees in terms of professional, personal, methodological and social skills development. Regular dialogue with line managers and HR Development assures this investment in the future of our employee's potential.

We offer our employees variety that they appreciate: diverse projects, multifaceted topics, a broad product portfolio and dialogue in different communities bring diversity to their day-to-day work.



Our topics are as demanding as our employees are qualified and our working methods are quality-orientated.

We have developed focused training programmes that are directly related to our activities: direct customer contact requires customer management, daily work in projects requires project managemen know-how, the focus on complex electronic systems requires knowledge in systems engineering.

The expertise of our long-standing employees is a cornerstone of ESG. By awarding the annual innovation prize as part of our institutionalised technology and innovation management, we honour the achievements of our employees and reinforce our pioneering role.



Framework conditions, processes, procedures as well as remuneration and working time systems ensure structure, security, reliability and trust throughout the company.

Our remuneration system encourages performance and success, commitment and the assumption of responsibility. Giving employees a financial stake in the company's success is a direct, transparent and fair way of rewarding commitment and performance.

Honest co-operation, transparency and an open-door culture exemplified by the management ensure uncomplicated and open interaction.