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Swiss Army picks ESG in type selection

The ESG solution “TARANIS® Swiss Mortar System”, based on the command & control system ADLER III, has proved itself as a fire control system for the Swiss “8.1cm Mörser 19” in the type selection.

Following a intensive selection process in the “8.1cm Mörder 19” project, the Swiss Army, represented by armasuisse, chose the TARANIS® Swiss Mortar System (TSMS) solution developed by ESG as its future fire control system.
TSMS is based on the German Artillery’s command & control system ADLER III, which has proved itself in decades of use by the Bundeswehr.
ESG and its system won the day after a comprehensive two-year evaluation (including field tests) in competition with systems from other manufacturers. TSMS ensures effective digital connection between observation, fire control, guidance and the “8.1cm Mörser 19” weapons system.
The system stands out thanks to the flexibility it offers for incorporating various sensors, such as thermal imaging and laser range finders, both with cables and wirelessly, as well as various means of communication.

The type selection decision made by the Swiss Army’s procurement body, armasuisse, is further proof of ESG’s high performance in the fields of joint fire support and battle management systems.
ESG has been one of Germany’s leading companies in the development, integration and operation of complex security-related electronics and IT systems for more than half a century and currently has an annual turnover of more than EUR 300 million. More than 2,000 staff of the ESG Group, including its ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH, CYOSS and ESG MOBILITY brands, provide services in logistics, system development, training and consulting for customers from authorities, defence and industry in Germany and internationally.
Independent process and technology consulting is one of ESG’s key areas of expertise. Technology transfer between the markets forms the basis of the crucial contribution to value creation for our customers.
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