Augmented Situation Board ist die nächste Dimension der Situational Awareness


Augmented Common Operational Picture

 ESG's Augmented Common Operational Picture (ACOP) brings together the advantages of analogue maps and realtime situation display in a future-oriented solution. It provides an interactive 3D visualisation of the battlefield for a complete overview as well as in detail for better orientation and assessment.

Situational awareness in the next dimension

ACOP uses Augmented Reality glasses - e.g. Apple Vision Pro or Microsoft HoloLens - to enable a realistic 3D terrain display projected into the room. Soldiers can then assess the terrain – e.g. for cover, attack or route guidance – based on real terrain features.

In connection with a command & control or battle management system, situation information is displayed as tactical symbols in near-realtime. Operators and decision-makers can follow the current situation development directly in the 3D terrain and therefore quickly plan and make appropriate decisions.

Watch the video on the right for a first impression of ACOP.

The situation display is not limited to land forces. All aircraft are shown to scale for airspace coordination. Users can thus intuitively determine and evaluate the airspace situation.

Joint situation briefings can be carried out interactively by networking several HoloLens glasses. The participants can access and interact with one and the same ACOP - even spatially separated from one another.

Your benefits:

  • Intuitive assessment of the terrain and visibility through 3D display of the terrain
  • Situational awareness of different dimensions with simultaneous  representation of land forces and a true-to-scale airspace situation
  • Joint interactive briefing with the 3D model - even if there is a spatial separation
  • Faster and more precise decision-making support thanks to intuitive understanding of the terrain and situation
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