Die ESG InterOp Solutions GmbH ist Ihr umsetzungsstarker Technologie- und Prozesspartner.


Your technology and process partner

Proactive and forward-looking, ESG InterOp Solutions implements and supports your defence and security projects at its site in Wilhelmshaven.

Entlang des Regelwerkes des öffentlichen Auftraggebers Bundeswehr zum Customer Product Management unterstützen wir mit unserer langjährigen technologischen Expertise die Bedarfsermittlung, Bedarfsdeckung und Nutzung von komplexen IT-Lösungen.
OVERALL SOLUTIONS from a single source

Multiple years of technological expertise, allow us to determine the requirements, coverage and use of complex IT solutions, whilst adherding to the rules and regulations regarding the Customer Product Management of the public client Bundeswehr.

We use the latest technologies and strategies to offer our customers outstanding usability and the best possible achievement of objectives. We achieve this, for example, through automation in development, validation of input and an attractive user interface.

ESMEA Electronic Support Massdata Evaluation

ESMEA is used for the evaluation of mass data, collected by the P3 C-Orion maritime reconnaissance aircraft, in ground stations of the German Navy. It is an important component in the electronic battle and for the evaluation of radar data, especially through the complete island operation for all levels of data.

LogZBw Logistics Center of the German Armed Forces

Our capabilities in the ABAP program language are used to develop the transport and traffic system of the German Armed Forces and support its operation in the SAP procurement system.


German Mission Network of the German Armed Forces

The German Mission Network is the future command and control information system (FüInfoSys) of the German Armed Forces, in which we are involved by developing a prototype for the configuration of IT components for command posts.


Dynamic innovation meets long-term experience

ESG InterOp Solutions GmbH, a 100 % subsidiary of ESG, is responsible for the development, integration and operation of complex IT systems.

In Wilhelmshaven we support the German Navy with the conditioning and instantiation tool "I-Sys" as well as with the tool KM!now for the configuration management of the German Navy.


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