SAP Integrated Product Support for Defense by ESG
Enabling S/4 Defense & Security

Integrated Product Support for Defense (IPSD) is a content management system for armed forces to import and maintain the master data of complex military systems such as aeroplanes, helicopters, tanks and ships. This data is delivered by the systems manufacturer to enable its customers (the armed forces) to maintain their systems during the in-service phase. For this, many master data objects must be created and maintained in the customer’s ERP system.

The focus of IPSD is to import, validate and review spare parts master data according to the specification ASD S2000M as well as LSA datasets (S3000L) and IETD Publications (S1000D). IPSD generates change requests for SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) to create or update master records in SAP Material Management and SAP Enterprise Asset Management. This ensures a high level of data quality with only a minimal level of manual effort.

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