Turn-key solutions from tip to tail
Helicopter operational requirements are diverse and challenging. From typical surveillance missions to reconnaissance, border control, anti-terrorism and sea rescue, precise functionality with a high degree of usability, day and night are critical factors for mission success. ESG is a leading company for tailor made mission systems, developed to provide the best possible support and to fulfil the customer’s needs.

Mission Management System (MMS)

Our Mission Management System enables operators and agencies to execute all types of airborne missions in a safe and effective way. It is suitable for law enforcement, border control, utility inspection, as well as maritime surveillance.

The MMS combines a ruggedised high-performance HD mission computer and specialised in-house developed mission management software with advanced video management features.

Advantages and functionalities for the end-user:

  • Intuitive and touch based graphical user interface
  • Tactical video overlay (TaViO) – augmented reality functions in real time
  • Digital moving map with a wide range of overlay functions
  • Customizable map formats
  • Geopointing of EO/IR or search light systems
  • Import and export of mission data
  • Ground station for mission preparation and de-briefing

Airborne Operator Console

ESG’s airborne operator console allows the aircraft mission operator to perform demanding missions. It can be adapted to specific user needs and mission equipment and allows easy adjustment for the best ergonomic position.

Advantages and functionalities for the end-user:

  • Proven aluminum lightweight structure
  • Two touch displays with sizes up to 21”
  • Retractable keyboard and NVIS lamp
  • Various devices and control panels customized to customer needs (videorecorder, intercom, etc.)
  • Push-to-talk footswitch
  • USB and Ethernet
  • Line replaceable unit with quick disconnect fasteners support a quick role-change of the aircraft
  • Adjustable display position (in height and tilt)
  • Unobstructed legroom
  • Qualified to EASA CS-23, CS-27 and CS-29 requirements
  • EASA Supplemental Type Certificate for various aircraft available.

EO/IR Integration

Search and rescue missions, reconnaissance operations, crowd monitoring or observation operations call for highly reliable optical systems. ESG provides solutions for different helicopters, focusing on police, maritime patrol and military applications.

The different EO/IR systems offer a wide range of sensors and options. As a hardware neutral and independent integrator, ESG supports the customer in the selection process and integrates the EO/IR sensors into various platforms.

Advantages and functionalities for the end-user:

  • Support during customer’s EO/IR selection
  • Interconnection with Mission Management System, cockpit MFD, video downlink, portable devices etc.
  • Production and maintenance by ESG’s EASA Part-21G and Part-145. Delivery of EO/IR system with EASA Form 1.
  • EASA Supplemental Type Certificate for various aircraft available.

LTE Integration

The mobile network integration enables full internet access by connecting to a 3G or 4G mobile
network during flight. The solution provides ethernet connections for your mission equipment or handheld
devices via an in-build switch as well as WIFI connectivity through an on-board hot spot.

Advantages and functionalities for the end-user:

  • Mobile network standard: LTE Advanced, UMTS (DC-HSPA+)
  • Antennas: 2x2, 4x2 MIMO and diversity support
  • Dual SIM card
  • Special IT security provisions, VLAN configuration, VPN and firewall services
  • EASA Supplemental Type Certificate for EC135 available
  • Delivery of components and integration kits with EASA Form 1

Tactical Copilot Display

The tactical copilot display can be used by a crew member on the left-hand seat to display information from e.g. a camera system, digital map or mission management system.

It facilitates the workshare between the mission operator and the copilot or allows the operation of the mission system without operator (via the display’s optional touchscreen interface).

Advantages and functionalities for the end-user:

  • Landscape mode
  • HD resolution
  • Single-hand operation to deploy or stow the display
  • Unobstructed outside view (stowed position) allows piloting from left-hand seat or dual-pilot operations
  • Glareshield (not illustrated) prevents mirroring and reflections on windshield
  • EASA Supplemental Type Certificate for EC135 available

Product Support Center

In order to support a full and sustainable lifecycle management for our customers, ESG runs a product support center, certified by EASA Part 145. We perform all repair and maintenance tasks for the ESG mission systems at this center. Furthermore, ESGs product support center provides services based on power-by-the-hour contracts, trainings, spare part pools, obsolescence management as well as continuous maintenance and updates of ESG’s mission management software.

Advantages and functionalities for the end-user:

  • Delivery / repair by EASA Part 145 PO/MO
  • Certified service station for TRAKKA and FLIR systems
  • Hardware neutral and customized solutions according to customer needs
  • Design Organisation according to EASA Part 21J
  • Production Organisation according to EASA Part 21G
  • Maintenance Organisation according to EASA Part 145 (Equipment)
  • Approved aviation organisation for aircraft / aircraft equipment of the German Armed Forces
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