Mit Visualisierungen von synthetischen Umgebungen unterstützt die ESG die Ausbildung von Piloten und Bodenkräften unter realitätsnahen Bedingungen.

Rapid Database Creation

3D visualisation of real environments in real time

We support the training of pilots and ground forces under genuine conditions with visualisations of artificial environments (external and sensor views). With this, it is possible to visualise real environments with varying levels of detail on the basis of geodata and construction plans.


We model high-quality, realistic 3D landscapes and 3D models for vehicles and vessels that travel on air, land and sea in accordance with your requirements. In doing so, we procure and edit geographical source data and support standard formats such as OGC CDB, OpenFlight and FBX.

Your targets in focus:

  1. External view and sensor simulation for training simulators
  2. Training of ground forces (forward air control, infantry)
  3. Training of maintenance personnel
  4. Support for maintenance activities
  5. UAV pilot and operator training
  6. Reuse of existing 3D content
Die ESG modelliert hochwertige, realitätsnahe 3D-Landschaften sowie 3D-Modelle für Luft-, Land- und Seefahrzeuge nach Kundenanforderungen.

selection of suitable display media

ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH integrates the appropriate display medium for visualising 3D content, depending on the respective task and budget.

Display media:

  1. Front projection for flight simulators
  2. Rear projection or curved LED panels where space is limited
  3. VR/AR/XR glasses
  4. Laptops and hand-held devices
Die ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH integriert aufgaben- und budgetabhängig das geeignete Darstellungsmedium zur Visualisierung von 3D-Inhalten.


for a range of rendering engines

Depend on latency-free real-time rendering in every training and application case. We select the appropriate rendering engine according to your requirements for multi-channel display, scene density and sensor display.

Rendering engine selection:

  • GenesisIG for flight simulators, sensor simulation and mission preparation
  • VegaPrime for displaying content in CDB format
  • Unity for AR applications
  • Unreal for high scene densities at close range
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