Die ESG bietet ein breites Spektrum an, um Sicherheitslücken zu entdecken und zu schließen.


of your systems

With a holistic view of information security, you protect yourself, your information and your products. From system development to the vulnerability analysis and strengthening of operating systems and hardware to the monitoring of IT systems, we offer our customers a broad and individually customisable portfolio.


ESG brings decades of experience to the analysis of complex IT systems for crucial business processes.

Our analysis and assessment aims to protect your corporate assets. The decisive factor is risk identification: based on this, we take the optimal technical, organisational and personnel measures for mitigation. The creation of an IT/information security concept thus provides a constructive approach to ensuring the security of your valuable assets. We develop concepts on the basis of different methodologies (national/international). You can benefit from our experience in dealing with the BSI’s IT-Grundschutz, ISO/IEC:27001 or the French EBIOS methodology.

We'll be by your side as you tighten security:

  • Dealing with strict security requirements and standards
  • Ensuring availability, integrity and commitment
  • Optimising the result through intensive exchange and coordination of all relevant stakeholders
Die ESG bringt bei der Analyse komplexer IT-Systeme für entscheidende Geschäftsprozesse eine jahrzehntelange Erfahrung ein.


Through the developmental consultation, we integrate our experience into your development processes. This enables you to take into account all information security requirements for your project as early as the design phase.

ESG carries out a requirements analysis as part of the developmental consultation. In the process, information security concerns are formulated, potential vulnerabilities are identified and effective mitigation measures are proposed.

We'll be by your side right from the start:

  • Consideration of information security as early as the design and development phases
  • Intensive consulting as a success factor
  • Early involvement of expert knowledge leads to cost reduction by eliminating costly redesigns
Durch die entwicklungsbegleitende Beratung lässt die ESG ihre Erfahrungen in Ihre Entwicklungsprozesse einfließen.


We develop security architectures tailored to your system, support you in selecting suitable products and help with implementation.

With the Security by Design approach, we pursue the goal of implementing a high, system-inherent security level through the appropriate system configuration, strengthening and use of IT security products. The benefit for our customers is high-quality, secure systems that also provide a high level of fundamental security over their life cycle. 

Development of resilient systems:

  • Security as an integral part of your system
  • Development of needs-based security architectures
  • High flexibility through independent and product-neutral advice
Die ESG entwickelt auf Ihr System abgestimmte Sicherheitsarchitekturen.


Vulnerabilities and security loopholes in software and hardware products are constantly being published. Clients face the challenge of identifying and assessing the hazards affecting their system.

ESG offers to develop and implement a process tailored to your system for monitoring and evaluating vulnerabilities and security gaps. But regulatory requirements from legislators or supervisory authorities can also have an impact on information security management. With our customised solutions, we can support you in monitoring these external conditions and advise you on their implementation.

Continuous monitoring:

  • Background research on Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)
  • Monitoring of regulatory changes
  • Support and advice on implementation
Die ESG bietet an, einen auf Ihr System abgestimmten Prozess zum Überwachen und zur Auswertung von Schwachstellen und Sicherheitslücken zu entwickeln und umzusetzen.
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