Die ESG B.V.  ist herstellerunabhängiger Systemintegrator sowie Technologie- und Innovationspartner für Verteidigung und öffentliche Sicherheit in den Niederlanden.


ESG B.V. as part of ESG Group is a manufacturer-independent system integrator and your technology and innovation partner for defence and public security.

Driving the Future

of defence and security

With our solutions, we are a driving force for secure and compliant digitalisation and networking in all domains. Innovative, with implementation expertise and passion: We develop, implement, support and operate individual platforms and complete complex systems. Worldwide we deliver and operate tailored products and solutions that create security and compliance. We focus on the domains air, land, sea, cyber and medical.

ESG meets all requirements for project execution to an excellent standard, because we know that the developed solution can protect lives when the need arises. To achieve this, our specialists work side by side with our customers to develop their optimal solution to completion.

Die Mission der ESG B.V.  in den Niederlanden.

We solve challenges for ready-to-use systems – we bring order to shifting visions – we raise and protect the value potential of data: As a technology and process partner with outstanding expertise in implementation, we make a significant contribution to adding value for our customers. We take system responsibility and increase the service and deployment capability of the systems and products, regardless of manufacturer. We do this with high levels of development and integration expertise, qualified consulting, innovative solutions and services, and by taking over business processes. We ensure that our solutions are complying with international regulations of trade and arms control.


We are a leading international system and software company, providing development, integration and in-service-support for international software-intensive, complex, high-tech and security-related solutions.

Die Vision der ESG B.V. in den Niederlanden.



We are the manufacturer-independent systems integrator also providing Introduction into Service and national In-Service- Support


We are your partner across borders for technology and innovation for defence and public security


We support our customers during the complete systems‘ life cycle – from the cradle to the grave


We enable international projects by employing our expertise in trade compliance
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