Die ESG ist ein führendes, international operierendes System- und Softwarehaus für Systemintegration und dem Betrieb von sicherheitsrelevanten Systemen.



We are a leading international system and software company, providing development and service processes for software-intensive, complex, high-tech and security-related products.


We solve challenges for ready-to-use systems – we bring order to shifting visions – we raise and protect the value potential of data: As a technology and process partner with outstanding expertise in implementation, we make a significant contribution to adding value for our customers. We take system responsibility and increase the service and deployment capability of the systems and products, regardless of manufacturer. We do this with high levels of development and integration expertise, qualified consulting, innovative solutions and services, and by taking over business processes.


We maintain long-term value partnerships with our customers and make a sustainable contribution to their success.
  • The primary goal of our company and its staff is customer satisfaction in line with the principles of “partnership”, “added value” and “quality”.
  • In partnership with our customers, we are a permanent, responsible part of their value chain.
  • We support national and international customers from the security and defence sector, authorities and industry throughout the entire life cycle of their long-lasting high-tech products.
  • We achieve customer satisfaction by mastering customer processes, placing a strong focus on service, and consistently orientating our actions on customer requirements.
  • We optimise economic feasibility, security and reliability, using these qualities as a basis for long-standing customer relationships.
  • Through economical, user-friendly solutions, we expand existing customer relationships even further.
Our two-way technology transfer between military and civilian projects enhances our performance exponentially – as does our targeted work in internal networks and service chains, and with external partners in our contractual service partnership.
  • We enhance the success of our customers by mastering and integrating all processes in the development and in-service phase in an interdisciplinary way and by consistently incorporating leading-edge technology.
  • Our outstanding performance in the implementation and operation of processes is based on our experience of deploying solutions and services for various customer groups, in line with the principles of best practice.
  • We make good use of our many years of experience in military and civilian projects at the highest technological level and see ourselves as an agent of technology transfer in both directions. In this role, we optimise investment and the speed of innovation for the benefit of our customers.
  • We are able to bring these skills together with regard to competencies and capacity, tailored to requirements, in order to develop the business of and provide services to powerful organisations.
  • In order to implement our goals, we develop strategic networks throughout our performance spectrum.
For decades, innovation and quality have been the traditional and obligatory cornerstones of tapping leading technologies, which we harness for our customers.
  • To us, innovation means generating additional benefits for our customers through the expert use of state-of-the-art technologies, processes and methods. The fact that new and enhanced services make up more than ten percent of our incoming orders every year is proof of our innovative strength.
  • We are committed to permanent, long-term improvement of our services. To achieve this goal, we need to continuously improve our skills and the overall quality of all our processes and shape a learning organisation through active knowledge management.
  • For us, quality means harmony between objective and execution. Our quality policy is therefore based on the needs, expectations and satisfaction of our customers.
  • We provide our contractual services within the agreed time frame and budget.
  • Customer satisfaction is the benchmark for our quality.
Equal opportunities and fairness, diversity and participation are the core values of our corporate culture. Motivation, ability to work in a team and willingness to take responsibility guarantee our shared sustainable success.
  • With their individual talents, motivation and expertise, our staff are the greatest capital our high-performance organisation has to offer.
  • We understand diversity in our society as enriching and align our entrepreneurial processes internally and externally in such way that the individual potential contributes to the sustainable success of all, regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and ideology, sexual orientation and social origin. 
  • We play an active role in decision-making processes and take responsibility for decisions.
  • Our efficiency is driven by expertise, dedication, individual initiative and individual responsibility.
  • We are reliable partners, meet our obligations and keep to our agreements.
  • We always act as representatives of our company and represent its values.
  • We enjoy working in a team, because it allows us to combine our individual strengths to achieve optimum results.
Management as a service provides the basis for securing the future of our company and creates harmony between the interests of our customers, our staff and our shareholders.
  • We give our staff the freedom to strengthen their individual potential and to tap the full potential of every customer.
  • We combine systematic staff development with active knowledge and innovation management as the basis for allowing everyone to help shape the future.
  • We demand and encourage business-minded actions from every individual in his defined area of responsibility, in order to further enhance the success of the company and its customers.
  • We agree clear and ambitious goals and support the staff in achieving their targets, which are set collaboratively and rewarded fairly.
  • We set an example when it comes to taking responsibility and make decisions transparently, thus generating trust and credibility.
  • To ensure productive knowledge transfer, we pass all required information on to our staff.
  • We set a good example to our staff, especially in terms of adhering to relevant standards. After all, only by setting an example can we expect our staff to adhere to these standards, too.
  • We demand dedication and commitment from our staff and recognise when they achieve it.
  • For us, customer and staff satisfaction are an effective basis for achieving attractive returns for our company’s shareholders.
Our corporate culture is defined by openness, mutual support and enjoyment of the work and of shared success. It enables us to develop our skills to the maximum.
  • We communicate comprehensively, openly and honestly, respect one another and treat each other fairly.
  • We put corporate interests before group and individual interests. Our company is characterised by team spirit and an atmosphere of energy, optimism and trust.
  • We find it easy to give and receive help, so that we can evolve our skills.
  • We display our successes, thus reinforcing our love of our work.
  • We address difficulties and problems without reservations, creating the basis for managing them.
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